Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guess where the Muncks are???

I'll give you a clue, we aren't here.

We are somewhere we can ALL hang our coats!

We were ALL able to take a nice long bath/shower!

Then came rest and reading.

Getting cozy in pajamas, in a warm room.

For William it meant going to bed early 7:00PM, he was so tired. He's sleeping on sisters pillows :)

Elizabeth had to get to work on the computer, trying to reschedule all our clients coming to the store on Thursday-Saturday.

So where are we???
Around 4:00PM today the head of the repair company came in to inform us that they had miss diagnosed our generator problem. It wasn't the carburetor, it's the fuel pump...another item they would have to order. Then he went on to say that we couldn't sleep in the RV tonight, because of the blizzard coming through. The weather tonight is going to drop down to -17 with 40 to 44MPH winds. At this point they drove us to the Ramada down the street. We were very happy that we could get a hotel room with adjoining rooms. The interstate is closed and the hotels were feeling up fast. We all worked quickly to gather all we'd need for the next few days...YES I said few days! The service manager said because of the blizzard he didn't think a plane would fly under these conditions, meaning it could be a few days before we get the fuel pump. So, we are very happy to be were we are tonight...yet we all wish we were still with the Pauls' family to wait this out.
Today was a good day, waiting and all. We had lots of time to read, color, play cards, and snuggle...I call that the good life! Someone ask are we going crazy yet, or on each other nerves? No, even at home we all like to be together. Not to say we don't have some character issues at times to deal with. We even had to laugh this evening as we were sitting around in the hotel room, there we ALL sat in one room. With room to spread out we like it best all together, with our best friends... Family all together!


Dee Dee said...

Wow!! What an adventure you guys have had. It sounds fun to me. At least you are all together and get a few extra days of vacation! I can't believe how cold it is there! I've never been in that cold of weather in my life!! Love you guys.

Mrs. Tara said...

I never got an answer to my question - do I need to get my dog walking shoes on? tee hee You guys are making so many memories......have you played SWAP? Hope to see you soon!

Kelly Bigham said...

Since God always has a purpose...I'm glad to see you guys are taking advantage of it:) I'm praying for you...it's great to know we serve a God who cares about all the details ( and loves to work them out for us )...happy traveling....

Mark and Rosalie Pauls and family said...

Oh dear :( We should have just kept you here a few days longer :) I guess that wouldn't have solved the problem though. Well I guess the only thing you can do is have a good hotel time!

sherriknits said...

Oh my!!!
I'm so glad you're having fun in the middle of all of this. I would love to be stuck somewhere and just have to hang out together....like old times! Enjoy....it sounds like you're making the best of it all!