Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday....ELIZABETH!!!!

We celebrated Elizabeth's 17th birthday on Sunday. I'm not even sure how she got to be 17 so fast. It seems as though it was in the blink of an eye. As time was passing so fast the Lord was doing a wonderful work on you, sculpting you into the young lady you've become. We pray you continue you grow and follow Him.

Birthday in a RV!

A celebration with presents, and birthday signs.

On Elizabeth's birthday we were in Sioux Falls, SD.

We looked around and found Elizabeth's favorite place to eat...Olive Garden.

Wesley enjoyed eating the crayons ;)

William loved the bread sticks, and being silly!

Everyone else just loved the food, and the first meal outside the RV :)
Happy LATE Birthday Elizabeth!!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...


My name is Sarah said...

Happy, Happy Birthday. I have been reading about your trip. It sounds awesome.

Lyndi said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Dee Dee said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! The Gibson family loves you!

tlstaz6543 said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

We celebrate Kelley's 17th this coming Sunday and like you said, how did this happen so fast?? :)

Oh and Elizabeth has good taste in restaurants...Olive Garden is my favorite also.

Michelle said...

happy 17th birthday Elizabeth!