Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Poor web connections

I have loads of pictures and stories behind them, but our wireless card isn't working so well. Right now I'm on the RV parks web, so more to post but not at this moment. Tomorrow we are heading to Canada, to visit our friends the Pauls'. We are in Rapid City, SD. tonight, so we have a long travel day tomorrow. Hopefully I can get the web working better and make up a few post. Until then we are having a wonderful time. Please keep Elizabeth in your prayers she has a fever of 101 and is sick. A wonderful doctor friend from home called her in some medicine to Walgreens, and we were able to pick it up here in Rapid City. We don't don't normally use Walgreens but this was an awesome service. One we were very thankful for!

Well, I'm off to bed this 2 hour time change is getting the best of me :)

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