Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still waiting....

We are still in Grand Forks waiting. The wind now is truly beyond what I have ever seen before, somewhat like the hurricane winds we have seen in Florida. The BIG difference the cold mixed with snow and ice. Last night when we went to bed we could see the interstate from the front of the RV, today the interstate isn't even visible. The service manager called and UPS has the carburetor, we are waiting for it to be delivered. Still praying it's today and we can leave by late afternoon. If not we'll go to plan B...more waiting and figuring out how to call customers who were scheduled to come in to our store on Thursday.

Arthur just came back in and said that the part is here! That's the good news!!! The bad news is they just told Arthur the interstate to Fargo is closed due to bad weather...so we may still be STUCK! Looking on the bright side we are warm and our tummies are full, and everyone is healthy!

Elizabeth is over her sickness. The last day we were in Canada Stephen and Elizabeth came down with the stomach bug, as did a few of the Pauls' children. By yesterday afternoon Jonathan had the bug. As of today everyone seems to be better.

Life is never dull and truly a journey, thankful we have the Lord to lead us :)

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Mark and Rosalie Pauls and family said...

Hope you get back on the road soon!
Good to hear everyone is feeling better. Seems like everyone here is on the mend too! Praying for you all!