Monday, March 9, 2009

Where are we now???

This morning we left The Pauls' home and out of Canada. Our plans were to leave on Sunday afternoon, that couldn't happen. When we arrived into Canada Arthur realized that the RV generator wasn't working. It had worked when we stopped in Bismark that afternoon, but wouldn't turn over now. This wasn't going to be a problem since we could be hooked up to the Pauls' home for power, but would be a huge problem on our travel home. Arthur contacted the RV company and they gave us several names of companies who could fix it. That was all well and good, but by the time we had names and locations it was Saturday afternoon. None of these companies would be open until Monday morning, so we stayed one more night with the Pauls'.
We set out this morning for the border and then to Grand Forks,ND. Arthur called to get the RV looked at and they set up the time for 1:30PM. We waited 3 hours to find out that the carburetor is bad, and we'd have to get a new one. Good news they knew what it was, bad news they didn't have one. The service manager put in an order for one in hopes it will be here in the morning. Not sure if anyone knows what the weather is like today in Grand Forks, high winds and LOTS of snow! The highway between here and Fargo is covered in ice, and they've had many wrecks. So, staying here in Grand Forks didn't seem like such a bad thing...but where to get power? The service manager allowed use to stay in there parking lot for the night and hook up to their power, they have been very kind.

Our prayer is that the weather won't keep the carburetor from being delivered in the morning, and it can be fixed fast. We really need to be home by Thursday, because the store is scheduled to reopen that day. I'll keep you posted, on our travels :)


Mrs. Tara said...

Wow- you guys have had quite an adventure. I will be praying you get everything taken care of in a timely fashion. However, you know if you need me to do something - even take dogs :) I will! Just give me a buzz.

sherriknits said...

Wow, isn't life in an RV fun sometimes? Actually, I love it.
Happy birthday to Wesley! What a sweet little boy.

And how is Elizabeth these days? Feeling better???