Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday answer....

What were the boys looking out the window at??? THE TREE TRIMMER! Yesterdays Wordless Wednesday picture was of Jonathan and Stephen, they had a birds eye view.

On Monday afternoon the boys spent about 2 hours watching the men trim our weeping willow tree. William stood in the windowsill much of the time taking it all in.

James watched taking in all the limbs falling to the ground, remarking often of the mess it was making...YES, he's a little bit of a clean freak :)

Here William has moved to another window and Stephen came along side to help critique the situation.

Looking up this is what they were taking in most of the time, wishing they too could go up in the big bucket.

This is the mess that was starting to gather on the ground. I believe this is where James' stress was coming from, he didn't like their play area getting covered in logs and limbs. The same play area we weeded and raked last week :)

We really didn't want t0 cut our weeping willow back, but it was really long overdue. This tree has been stuck by lightning 2 times and had some areas that were dead. Arthur has trimmed on it numerous times over the 17 years we've lived here, but this time it needed some professional help. One man told us to cut it all the way down, and this man Chris said we could try and trim it back and then wait and see. After Chris was done he told Arthur he treated the cut areas and it may do just fine. Silly as it may seem we are very attached to this tree, we hope that it makes it.

Around 2PM the workers were finished, and the boys (Arthur too) went out to assess the damage. William loves his sand box, here he is trying to remove the wood chips from the lid. He thought he could play in it, that didn't happen because there was to much work to be done.

By 4:30 PM things were really moving, and taking shape. Arthur and Madison were working hard and their little shadows were as well.

The boys made use of William and Wesley's wagon by taking loads of limbs/sticks to the road for pick up. I believe William had the best end of the deal on this, James said he didn't mind because it help hold everything in. This was their last load, it was starting to get dark.

Arthur and Madison worked a good part of the time cutting up the large logs into a more manageable size. Then Rebekah and Madison worked on getting it all stacked, it all seem to fall into place as the sun had almost set.

By this time all the kids had gone in to get cleaned up and ready for bed. Arthur worked a little longer on the small twigs and that were still in the mulch. Now that the the tree is trimmed and the weeds have been pulled we can get a new load of mulch....and look forward to lots of spring/summer playtime ahead.

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JennyH said...

Looks like a nice play area! Lots of hard work to get that cleaned up. Boys love big trucks- why is that?!

Ps- I am not ignoring your request to see pictures of the voice box. I just haven't gotten any yet. Soon!