Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

(photo taken by Elizabeth)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


There are new pictures on the sidebar from Easter, and one at the bottom of the blog. Now I'm off to bed :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

2 words....


Much of the month of April has kept me busy and then busy has brought on the feeling of being tired. The blog has been put on the back burner to family time and sleep :)

This is a run down of our month we have been on 2 field trips, had our taxes filed, Arthur and I each went to the dentist for cleaning, Wesley went for his 2 year check up and shots, Jonathan had his yearly appointment for his CPAP, Elizabeth Amanda Madison James & William went to the dentist for cleaning (no cavities!), 1 family party, Elizabeth & Amanda took their achievement test, I had an OB appointment, dinner with some friends, and last and far from least we celebrated Easter...Resurrection Sunday.

On top of all of this we have been trying to get lots of projects finished in our house, before new baby comes. We also had 4 companies come and give us an estimate on new kitchen cabinets. We have settled on what we want and who to purchase them from...this was very stressful for me. Arthur is great at this kind of thing, but I don't enjoy it at all. I'll "love" the finished outcome, I just don't like all the samples which brings on to many decisions. This must be why I don't like to shop. I know what I like and I just want to go straight to what I need...with little looking.

In the mix of all this the Munck house has been busy just with our daily life.....sigh* now you see why tired comes to mind :) It could also be the extra weight I'm carrying, little baby is doing well growing (or at least I am) and kicking more and more each day...I love this stage.

As always I have lots of pictures to share from this month, and the remainder of pictures from our trip...all coming if I haven't worn you all out with them :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

There are many different shoes

FEET...feet almost everyone was born with 2 feet. We were give 10 toes, 2 heels, 2 arches, and the ability to stand on our feet. Yet, no 2 feet in the world look just alike....God created each person to have their own unique set of feet. If, you place shoes on the feet that will change things. Say you were at a church function I'm sure you would see all kinds of shoes from flats, to high heels, sandals, Crocs, flip flops, men's dress shoes, and tennis shoes. In the mix of things you might find several of the people attending the function have the same style and color of shoe, making them look the same. Lets go a step further and say not only is the shoe the same but they wear the same size too. Are these 2 sets of shoes really the same??? On the outside they are the same style and color even the same size, but what about the inside? The inside is very different....WHY you might ask. It's different because the feet being created unique for each person has molded each set of shoes to fit the person who owns them :)

This analogy is much like the human life. Many of us have worn shoes in life that are very similar, when looking at the outside of the shoe. In my own life I have worn more shoes than I can account for, and some that I'll never forget. Like these sets of shoes

*being a small child of divorced parents

*teen years free to do as I pleased

*asking that Jesus be Lord and savior of my life

*meeting the man I'd call my husband & marrying

*starting a family (a family bigger than I knew)

*having a child with Down syndrome

*watching my child go through surgery after surgery

*the awakening again that GOD is in control

*having financial hardships

*watching my best friend my husband go through cancer

*the awaking again that GOD is in control

*the blessing of another business-which truly belongs to the Lord!

*the miscarriage of our 10th child-July 2008

*the awakening again that GOD is in control

*the awesome gift of another child blessing due in late summer 2009

There were lots of other shoes worn between all of these sets of shoes, but these are the shoes that I remember the most. Some of these shoes are shoes that brought me great joy and pleasure, others brought me sorrow and pain. I'm sure there are lots of people that have worn shoes like mine. The difference is the unique set of feet that walked in those shoes, it formed the shoe to fit their foot in a special way. Just like God created each of us different/unique and each to serve Him in a special way. I wouldn't change anything about the shoes I have worn over the years not even the ones that caused sorrow or pain. During the time of wearing those shoes the Lord was doing a mighty work on my heart and life. I've come a very long way since the Lord took over my life 19 years ago, yet I know I'm just a sinner saved by grace. While wearing the shoes of lose this past summer the Lord opened my eyes to many things or should I say faults like being a part of gossip. He also showed me that I don't need to be such a doer. A doer as in being involved in all church functions...not always for his glory but my own. While being such a doer I often times lost focus on my own children/husbands needs ( I'm taking a break from all activities), they were missing me. The shoes of God's truth and change often times are the hardest to walk in,this is when he carries you. After prayer and time He shows you how to walk in your new set of shoes. So, what shoes am I wearing now??? The shoes of prayer and growth. I'm praying that God not just use me but my family as a team to be doers for Him with a sense of balance. Gossip I've come to see is in everything around us, but now I'm aware and sensitive to it. Praying daily that I'm not so quick to hear gossip and "very slow to speak"......for me I feel gossip will be a life long process. Now you see I have LOTS to learn from the Lord and many more shoes to wear.

Next time you see someone with the same shoes/life journey remember you each might have lots of similarities but the walk in their shoes would be totally different than your shoes. God has us each at a different stage in our lives and what shoes we can handle. He has the perfect shoes/ plan for each of us.

As, our pastor said a few weeks can hear all about someones life or their pain BUT each of us has a "story". Not any 2 stories (shoes) are the same!

God does not see the same way people see.
People look at the outside of a person,
but the Lord looks at the heart.
1Samuel 16:7

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our trip...Part 8

All out of the RV and we are heading up the was hard to believe we were really here. Like I have said this is a trip we had planned for many years.

I love National Parks they are so fun and educational, they are also a very inexpensive. To get into Mount Rushmore it only cost $10, and that was for the parking.

We stopped in the welcome center, but as you can see the boys were ready to go...before we were. Do you notice anything?? I do....NO people! We only saw 5 couples while at Mount Rushmore, talk about having the place all to ourselves we did.

The terrace has the most unbelievable view with an Amphitheater below. In the summer at dark they have a huge firework show, and lights shine upon the Presidents....OK, now that's something we missed by going in "off" season.

Seeing Mount Rushmore in person wasn't what I thought it would be like. The land felt so open and yet in front of us was huge stone with "large sculptures". I felt like they were huge, a few of our kids said "I thought it would be bigger". We all agreed they were very majestic.

This is a view of the Avenue of Flags as you walk up to the Grand View Terrace. I could have sat here and taken in this view for hours....Arthur was a bonus, I did mean Mount Rushmore.

The boys all really enjoyed seeing Mount Rushmore, but I think James liked it most. He really likes Theodore Roosevelt and was fascinated by how they were able to carve his glasses.

This picture was taken while out on the Grand View Terrace. It was so nice to be out in the fresh air and sun, but the wind was really beginning to pick up. There is a nice walkway off the Grand View Terrace called the Presidential Trail. It takes you up through the woods and around the base of Mount Rushmore, but it was closed as was the Sculptor's Studio....another "off" season negative. I guess all this off season stuff means we'll have to make another trip when everything is open :)

This is a sculpture of what Mount Rushmore was suppose to look like when finished. As you can see each President would have been carved almost down to their waist.

Here is a photo of Gutzon Borglum as he is inspecting one of the Presidents heads to make sure the carving was being done properly. They said he went up to the top each day to inspect, several times some days.

Gutzon Borglum changed his plaster model 9 times through the whole project.

This was down in the museum under the Grand View Terrace, it was fascinating to see all the tools they used to create Mount Rushmore. You can see Wesley and William looking like they were fighting...they weren't fighting they just weren't taking turns. There was a screen in front of them of Mount Rushmore. If you look close you can see William holding on to something, it was a dynamite activator. Most of Mount Rushmore wasn't carved but blown up with dynamite, and then came the fine details of carving and chiseling. The boys were having a ball blowing up parts of Mount Rushmore....this reenactment was really for boys :) It took us forever to pry them off of it, Wesley wasn't happy about having to leave. Then he really wasn't happy when we went from that fun to the theater for the history movie. It only took a minute to have him settle down and watch.
Our family really loves history and enjoys getting to tour historical sites. Our love for Mount Rushmore goes beyond a fascination and love for history.
Check back tomorrow to see why Mount Rushmore will forever be part of our families history and legacy.

Wordless Wednesday....can you count all 9?

(This was taken at Mount Rushmore)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy day...

Life has kept me busy today, to busy to finish my Mount Rushmore post. I'm half way there...just a little left to go. Look for 2 tomorrow :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our trip...Part 7

We were making our way to Mount Rushmore....
March 3, 2009

(this picture is out of order...oops) We didn't pass this for a few more miles.

We had to go over and then later under these really beautiful wooden bridges.

Here Wesley is already getting tired and it was only 9:30AM, poor boy his schedule was so out of whack.

Heading towards Mount Rushmore we encountered this really neat tunnel.

The tunnels were just cut right into the rock.

At the base of the mountain we drove through the town of Keystone. It was really a very cute little town.

Where are the customers??? Oh' I almost forgot we are traveling in "off" season...we were the customers. The only problem being there weren't any workers, because it's "off" season. Good thing we had our kitchen with us for when we needed something to eat or drink. Truly this is what we found most of the small tourist towns to be like at this time of year, on this day it was 10:15 AM and you see nothing was open.

YAY! we are almost there!!!!

After seeing the Mount Rushmore sign we came around a curve and began to see rocks formed like this.

Then around the next turn we say a we all yelled "it's a face, it's a face"!

It only took another minute or two when all the sudden we were looking at all four of the Presidents faces, and were still driving in the RV. We all at this point began to get very excited.

We couldn't have ask for better weather it was 57 degrees a little windy, and beautiful. The blue sky and sunshine behind Mount Rushmore was really more than we could have hoped for.

Here is a view from the top near Mount Rushmore looking back down into the valley at Keystone.

All the kids were ready to go have a closer look at Mount Rushmore, and tour the museum. So, here we go......
Tomorrow will be our trip into the museum and more pictures of Mount Rushmore outside. This day might take me 3 post this to was a very long day and filled more than just our stop to Mount Rushmore.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our trip...Part 6

Here is where we stopped for the night after our busy day visiting the Corn Palace, and Wall Drug store.

It was a long day, and we were so happy to end it at a camp ground. This was the first camp ground stop on our trip, we had been staying over night at semi travel stations. This night we would have full water hook up and plug into power...and everyone get a nice shower :)

This campground was very nice and we ended up staying here for 2 nights, because this is when Elizabeth got sick. So, 2 nights at a campground sounded good, yet in the day we were still out visiting the sites.

As you can see the campground wasn't busy, the joy of traveling in the off season.

So where were we, here is a hint.
The next post will be our wonderful visit to Mount Rushmore...and more!

I have worked hard to get these post together, but that crazy thing called life and time seems to be such a big factor in getting it all posted. Monday will be the next post about our trip, and now you know there the location will be :)

The prize goes to....

On my blog post Wednesday, I mentioned giving away a prize. The question was "What helped to put Wall Drug on the map, and who had the idea".

The answer was Dorothy Hustead, and it was by giving away free ice water.

The winner is my friend .........
AMY and her blog is The Shelby's.

The prize Amy will be receiving is a $25 gift card to Target !

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our trip...Part 5

After several hours of riding and good long naps, we arrived at our last stop of the day Wall Drug established in 1931. It started out as a small drug store and with a husband and wife team Ted & Dorothy Hustead, they placed Wall Drug on the map.....wonder how?

If you have never heard of Wall Drug, go HERE and read about it. The story and history behind the store is really neat.

This is a side view of Wall Drug, that sits in a cute little quite town.

This was our first day to be in real snow, and the kids were thrilled. Where we parked the RV is a huge parking lot, and they say in the summer it is full with visitors. Now you see why we loved coming at this time of year, not just because the snow. It's because it was as if we were the only people in town, you didn't have to worry about traffic or parking :)

Before we could go into the store the boys wanted to walk around in the snow, and make a few snow balls.

Here is the group before our venture into Wall Drug.

No words needed..... moving right along.

The inside of the store was great with lots of little shops and a very large cafe...with .10 cent coffee! Starbucks can't bet that! We enjoyed the shops but what we found out back was the kids favorite thing....a BACKYARD!

Here Elizabeth meets a life size "Snow Bunny"

The little boys dusted the snow off the wagon seats, and tried to take a spin with the horses.

Stephen and Elizabeth found a place they fit right into!

Wesley...oh poor little Wesley. Amanda came to save him from the pain of cold hands...yes I felt awful he should have had on gloves :(

Madison was trying to catch a ride on the train!

The kids were trying to get some information from this settler about gold in Wall, SD area....he wasn't much for talking.

This lady trapped the girls into a listening to her life story, not one that I thought they should here....she didn't look to PG.

Next thing I knew James was sitting with her, see by the look on his face...she was scary!

Stephen spent his time looking through the shops not mixing to much with the locals, while shopping he found a nice warm he would fit in just right.

Wesley decided he had had enough and thought he'd hitch the next team and be out of there.

While looking around the backyard we saw this....see it?! Mount Rushmore...could it be? We thought we had some more driving to do before we reached Mount Rushmore, then we saw it was just a mold :)

William spoke with Tex for a spell and then thought he would try out this saddle. We tried to tell him he would get further if he put it on a horse.

On a more serious note, this little chapel is located in the center of Wall drug. As you open a big wooden door you will find this little chapel nestled into the brick walls. The Hustead placed this here for travelers to be able to come in and have a few minutes with the Lord. This was truly a peaceful place.

We were the last people to leave Wall Drug (did I mention we were the only people even there) that night, they closed at 5:00PM. On our way out of town this is what the sky looked like.....BEAUTIFUL!
We spent a few hours at Wall Drug, but you could spend all day. They have so much to see, do, and eat! This stop was almost free, we did buy a few post cards for scrapbooking later....and the pictures (over 350) for me were priceless!
*PRIZE to be given:
Leave me a comment on what helped put Wall Drug on the map, and who had the idea......Friday we will do a drawing from those with the correct answer! (anyone can leave a comment)
Tomorrow our next stop......