Friday, April 24, 2009

2 words....


Much of the month of April has kept me busy and then busy has brought on the feeling of being tired. The blog has been put on the back burner to family time and sleep :)

This is a run down of our month we have been on 2 field trips, had our taxes filed, Arthur and I each went to the dentist for cleaning, Wesley went for his 2 year check up and shots, Jonathan had his yearly appointment for his CPAP, Elizabeth Amanda Madison James & William went to the dentist for cleaning (no cavities!), 1 family party, Elizabeth & Amanda took their achievement test, I had an OB appointment, dinner with some friends, and last and far from least we celebrated Easter...Resurrection Sunday.

On top of all of this we have been trying to get lots of projects finished in our house, before new baby comes. We also had 4 companies come and give us an estimate on new kitchen cabinets. We have settled on what we want and who to purchase them from...this was very stressful for me. Arthur is great at this kind of thing, but I don't enjoy it at all. I'll "love" the finished outcome, I just don't like all the samples which brings on to many decisions. This must be why I don't like to shop. I know what I like and I just want to go straight to what I need...with little looking.

In the mix of all this the Munck house has been busy just with our daily life.....sigh* now you see why tired comes to mind :) It could also be the extra weight I'm carrying, little baby is doing well growing (or at least I am) and kicking more and more each day...I love this stage.

As always I have lots of pictures to share from this month, and the remainder of pictures from our trip...all coming if I haven't worn you all out with them :)

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JennyH said...

I am surprised you post as often as you do! Really, you do SO much! Being pregnant just makes you so tired, and raising all your kids on top of that- Your supermom!