Monday, April 6, 2009

Our trip.... Part 3

This was March 2 and was our first stop of the day... Mitchell, SD and The Corn Palace...ever heard of it?

We really weren't sure what we would see when we got there.

Here is the top of the Corn Palace, on the side of the sign behind the numbers is corn.

Inside The Corn Palace they had huge old pictures of The Corn Palace of the past. The picture above is from The Corn Palace around the early 1900's, you can see that the whole outside of the palace is decorated in corn. Wesley loved walking around in the palace, it gave him a good break from being in the RV.

This is the what The Corn Palace of today looks like, until the fall of 2009 when volunteers come together and redecorate the outside.

Here is a good view of The Palace of the past, each year the theme is changed. The walls inside the Corn Palace are lined with pictures of every theme and year the Corn Palace has been around.

Here is a little Corn Palace history, and how it started.

The Corn Palace just continued to grow, and attract people to visit.
Here are a few pictures of the process of decorating the palace, and the cost per year.
In the Corn Palace is the home to the basketball arena for Mitchell. At the top of the gym were murals of South Dakota history, these murals are kept and not changed out. The neat thing is there is a concession stand open and guess what they were selling....POP CORN! Of course we had to get some pop corn, and it truly was the best pop corn we have ever eaten.
By the time we were done it was lunch time, and time to hit the road again. We had a few hours to go until our next stop, and this gave time for the boys (& girls) to take a nap :)
Do you wonder where we stopped next? Check back and see ........


JennyH said...

Sounds interesting.

I finally have some pictures for you on my blog...

Mrs. Tara said...

I am laughing my head off- YES I have heard of the Corn Palace because I have been there! On my very first mission trip we went there! Great memories came flooding through - the first time I lead someone to Christ that I did not know was a little girl at our Backyard Bible School!
Can't wait to see what your next stop will be!