Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our trip...Part 5

After several hours of riding and good long naps, we arrived at our last stop of the day Wall Drug established in 1931. It started out as a small drug store and with a husband and wife team Ted & Dorothy Hustead, they placed Wall Drug on the map.....wonder how?

If you have never heard of Wall Drug, go HERE and read about it. The story and history behind the store is really neat.

This is a side view of Wall Drug, that sits in a cute little quite town.

This was our first day to be in real snow, and the kids were thrilled. Where we parked the RV is a huge parking lot, and they say in the summer it is full with visitors. Now you see why we loved coming at this time of year, not just because the snow. It's because it was as if we were the only people in town, you didn't have to worry about traffic or parking :)

Before we could go into the store the boys wanted to walk around in the snow, and make a few snow balls.

Here is the group before our venture into Wall Drug.

No words needed..... moving right along.

The inside of the store was great with lots of little shops and a very large cafe...with .10 cent coffee! Starbucks can't bet that! We enjoyed the shops but what we found out back was the kids favorite thing....a BACKYARD!

Here Elizabeth meets a life size "Snow Bunny"

The little boys dusted the snow off the wagon seats, and tried to take a spin with the horses.

Stephen and Elizabeth found a place they fit right into!

Wesley...oh poor little Wesley. Amanda came to save him from the pain of cold hands...yes I felt awful he should have had on gloves :(

Madison was trying to catch a ride on the train!

The kids were trying to get some information from this settler about gold in Wall, SD area....he wasn't much for talking.

This lady trapped the girls into a listening to her life story, not one that I thought they should here....she didn't look to PG.

Next thing I knew James was sitting with her, see by the look on his face...she was scary!

Stephen spent his time looking through the shops not mixing to much with the locals, while shopping he found a nice warm he would fit in just right.

Wesley decided he had had enough and thought he'd hitch the next team and be out of there.

While looking around the backyard we saw this....see it?! Mount Rushmore...could it be? We thought we had some more driving to do before we reached Mount Rushmore, then we saw it was just a mold :)

William spoke with Tex for a spell and then thought he would try out this saddle. We tried to tell him he would get further if he put it on a horse.

On a more serious note, this little chapel is located in the center of Wall drug. As you open a big wooden door you will find this little chapel nestled into the brick walls. The Hustead placed this here for travelers to be able to come in and have a few minutes with the Lord. This was truly a peaceful place.

We were the last people to leave Wall Drug (did I mention we were the only people even there) that night, they closed at 5:00PM. On our way out of town this is what the sky looked like.....BEAUTIFUL!
We spent a few hours at Wall Drug, but you could spend all day. They have so much to see, do, and eat! This stop was almost free, we did buy a few post cards for scrapbooking later....and the pictures (over 350) for me were priceless!
*PRIZE to be given:
Leave me a comment on what helped put Wall Drug on the map, and who had the idea......Friday we will do a drawing from those with the correct answer! (anyone can leave a comment)
Tomorrow our next stop......


Amy said...

They became famous because of Free Ice Water!

Looks like you had a great time! I should would share my cookies if you were here. Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

The wife had the idea...I didn't answer all of your questions!!

Amy said...

The wife had the idea...I didn't answer all of your questions!!

Paula said...

Dorothy had the idea to give away free ice water to the travelers.

Anonymous said...

free ice water. duh

Theresa said...

Hey, just wanted to stop by on this Good Friday to wish you a Happy Resurrection Day, Friend. Love you, T