Friday, April 10, 2009

Our trip...Part 6

Here is where we stopped for the night after our busy day visiting the Corn Palace, and Wall Drug store.

It was a long day, and we were so happy to end it at a camp ground. This was the first camp ground stop on our trip, we had been staying over night at semi travel stations. This night we would have full water hook up and plug into power...and everyone get a nice shower :)

This campground was very nice and we ended up staying here for 2 nights, because this is when Elizabeth got sick. So, 2 nights at a campground sounded good, yet in the day we were still out visiting the sites.

As you can see the campground wasn't busy, the joy of traveling in the off season.

So where were we, here is a hint.
The next post will be our wonderful visit to Mount Rushmore...and more!

I have worked hard to get these post together, but that crazy thing called life and time seems to be such a big factor in getting it all posted. Monday will be the next post about our trip, and now you know there the location will be :)


Lynda said...

I love reading your blog!

Sunny said...

I love hearing more about your trip!

I have a blog award for you on my blog.

JennyH said...

Love seeing and hearing about your trip. Maybe your 'singers' could come visit here and get my kids to sleep!