Monday, April 13, 2009

Our trip...Part 7

We were making our way to Mount Rushmore....
March 3, 2009

(this picture is out of order...oops) We didn't pass this for a few more miles.

We had to go over and then later under these really beautiful wooden bridges.

Here Wesley is already getting tired and it was only 9:30AM, poor boy his schedule was so out of whack.

Heading towards Mount Rushmore we encountered this really neat tunnel.

The tunnels were just cut right into the rock.

At the base of the mountain we drove through the town of Keystone. It was really a very cute little town.

Where are the customers??? Oh' I almost forgot we are traveling in "off" season...we were the customers. The only problem being there weren't any workers, because it's "off" season. Good thing we had our kitchen with us for when we needed something to eat or drink. Truly this is what we found most of the small tourist towns to be like at this time of year, on this day it was 10:15 AM and you see nothing was open.

YAY! we are almost there!!!!

After seeing the Mount Rushmore sign we came around a curve and began to see rocks formed like this.

Then around the next turn we say a we all yelled "it's a face, it's a face"!

It only took another minute or two when all the sudden we were looking at all four of the Presidents faces, and were still driving in the RV. We all at this point began to get very excited.

We couldn't have ask for better weather it was 57 degrees a little windy, and beautiful. The blue sky and sunshine behind Mount Rushmore was really more than we could have hoped for.

Here is a view from the top near Mount Rushmore looking back down into the valley at Keystone.

All the kids were ready to go have a closer look at Mount Rushmore, and tour the museum. So, here we go......
Tomorrow will be our trip into the museum and more pictures of Mount Rushmore outside. This day might take me 3 post this to was a very long day and filled more than just our stop to Mount Rushmore.


JenT said...

Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. I would very much like to go on a road trip with all my kids and see a lot of places. Maybe someday.

Lynda said...

It's pretty neat that God gave you most of the attractions to enjoy yourselves without all the other tourists!!!

Beth said...

Great pics!!! What a fun trip...

P.S. - I changed our blog address to:

Laura said...

You're making me want to travel! :)

JennyH said...

I had to come look at your pics again. We are in Mt Rushmore. Will see the faces tomorrow. We stopped my Wall drug today and saw the signs for the corn palace. It is fun to see all these things in your pictures in real life.