Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our trip...Part 8

All out of the RV and we are heading up the was hard to believe we were really here. Like I have said this is a trip we had planned for many years.

I love National Parks they are so fun and educational, they are also a very inexpensive. To get into Mount Rushmore it only cost $10, and that was for the parking.

We stopped in the welcome center, but as you can see the boys were ready to go...before we were. Do you notice anything?? I do....NO people! We only saw 5 couples while at Mount Rushmore, talk about having the place all to ourselves we did.

The terrace has the most unbelievable view with an Amphitheater below. In the summer at dark they have a huge firework show, and lights shine upon the Presidents....OK, now that's something we missed by going in "off" season.

Seeing Mount Rushmore in person wasn't what I thought it would be like. The land felt so open and yet in front of us was huge stone with "large sculptures". I felt like they were huge, a few of our kids said "I thought it would be bigger". We all agreed they were very majestic.

This is a view of the Avenue of Flags as you walk up to the Grand View Terrace. I could have sat here and taken in this view for hours....Arthur was a bonus, I did mean Mount Rushmore.

The boys all really enjoyed seeing Mount Rushmore, but I think James liked it most. He really likes Theodore Roosevelt and was fascinated by how they were able to carve his glasses.

This picture was taken while out on the Grand View Terrace. It was so nice to be out in the fresh air and sun, but the wind was really beginning to pick up. There is a nice walkway off the Grand View Terrace called the Presidential Trail. It takes you up through the woods and around the base of Mount Rushmore, but it was closed as was the Sculptor's Studio....another "off" season negative. I guess all this off season stuff means we'll have to make another trip when everything is open :)

This is a sculpture of what Mount Rushmore was suppose to look like when finished. As you can see each President would have been carved almost down to their waist.

Here is a photo of Gutzon Borglum as he is inspecting one of the Presidents heads to make sure the carving was being done properly. They said he went up to the top each day to inspect, several times some days.

Gutzon Borglum changed his plaster model 9 times through the whole project.

This was down in the museum under the Grand View Terrace, it was fascinating to see all the tools they used to create Mount Rushmore. You can see Wesley and William looking like they were fighting...they weren't fighting they just weren't taking turns. There was a screen in front of them of Mount Rushmore. If you look close you can see William holding on to something, it was a dynamite activator. Most of Mount Rushmore wasn't carved but blown up with dynamite, and then came the fine details of carving and chiseling. The boys were having a ball blowing up parts of Mount Rushmore....this reenactment was really for boys :) It took us forever to pry them off of it, Wesley wasn't happy about having to leave. Then he really wasn't happy when we went from that fun to the theater for the history movie. It only took a minute to have him settle down and watch.
Our family really loves history and enjoys getting to tour historical sites. Our love for Mount Rushmore goes beyond a fascination and love for history.
Check back tomorrow to see why Mount Rushmore will forever be part of our families history and legacy.


Beth said...

Awesome pictures!!! I would love to travel to see in person....

Beth said...

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