Sunday, April 19, 2009

There are many different shoes

FEET...feet almost everyone was born with 2 feet. We were give 10 toes, 2 heels, 2 arches, and the ability to stand on our feet. Yet, no 2 feet in the world look just alike....God created each person to have their own unique set of feet. If, you place shoes on the feet that will change things. Say you were at a church function I'm sure you would see all kinds of shoes from flats, to high heels, sandals, Crocs, flip flops, men's dress shoes, and tennis shoes. In the mix of things you might find several of the people attending the function have the same style and color of shoe, making them look the same. Lets go a step further and say not only is the shoe the same but they wear the same size too. Are these 2 sets of shoes really the same??? On the outside they are the same style and color even the same size, but what about the inside? The inside is very different....WHY you might ask. It's different because the feet being created unique for each person has molded each set of shoes to fit the person who owns them :)

This analogy is much like the human life. Many of us have worn shoes in life that are very similar, when looking at the outside of the shoe. In my own life I have worn more shoes than I can account for, and some that I'll never forget. Like these sets of shoes

*being a small child of divorced parents

*teen years free to do as I pleased

*asking that Jesus be Lord and savior of my life

*meeting the man I'd call my husband & marrying

*starting a family (a family bigger than I knew)

*having a child with Down syndrome

*watching my child go through surgery after surgery

*the awakening again that GOD is in control

*having financial hardships

*watching my best friend my husband go through cancer

*the awaking again that GOD is in control

*the blessing of another business-which truly belongs to the Lord!

*the miscarriage of our 10th child-July 2008

*the awakening again that GOD is in control

*the awesome gift of another child blessing due in late summer 2009

There were lots of other shoes worn between all of these sets of shoes, but these are the shoes that I remember the most. Some of these shoes are shoes that brought me great joy and pleasure, others brought me sorrow and pain. I'm sure there are lots of people that have worn shoes like mine. The difference is the unique set of feet that walked in those shoes, it formed the shoe to fit their foot in a special way. Just like God created each of us different/unique and each to serve Him in a special way. I wouldn't change anything about the shoes I have worn over the years not even the ones that caused sorrow or pain. During the time of wearing those shoes the Lord was doing a mighty work on my heart and life. I've come a very long way since the Lord took over my life 19 years ago, yet I know I'm just a sinner saved by grace. While wearing the shoes of lose this past summer the Lord opened my eyes to many things or should I say faults like being a part of gossip. He also showed me that I don't need to be such a doer. A doer as in being involved in all church functions...not always for his glory but my own. While being such a doer I often times lost focus on my own children/husbands needs ( I'm taking a break from all activities), they were missing me. The shoes of God's truth and change often times are the hardest to walk in,this is when he carries you. After prayer and time He shows you how to walk in your new set of shoes. So, what shoes am I wearing now??? The shoes of prayer and growth. I'm praying that God not just use me but my family as a team to be doers for Him with a sense of balance. Gossip I've come to see is in everything around us, but now I'm aware and sensitive to it. Praying daily that I'm not so quick to hear gossip and "very slow to speak"......for me I feel gossip will be a life long process. Now you see I have LOTS to learn from the Lord and many more shoes to wear.

Next time you see someone with the same shoes/life journey remember you each might have lots of similarities but the walk in their shoes would be totally different than your shoes. God has us each at a different stage in our lives and what shoes we can handle. He has the perfect shoes/ plan for each of us.

As, our pastor said a few weeks can hear all about someones life or their pain BUT each of us has a "story". Not any 2 stories (shoes) are the same!

God does not see the same way people see.
People look at the outside of a person,
but the Lord looks at the heart.
1Samuel 16:7


Beth said...

This was a great post!!!

Mrs. Tara said...

Enjoyed reading this post. I am so thankful for a God who loves us and pursues each of us. You know one of the neat things I think about the different shoes - is sometimes when you don't like the shoes you are wearing God always shows you why they were necessary! Love you! Wish you were on the plane with me tomorrow! See you soon- have fun at the homeschool weekend.

Kierra said...
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Jacki said...

Great post!

I've left you an award over on my blog!

Cinnamon said...

Peeking around your blog and look what I somehow missed. What an encouraging post my friend. So true and heartfelt!

Loved every word.


1HappyWife said...

What a beautifully written post! So true!!!