Saturday, April 4, 2009

This and That

Spring is here! As I watch the world around me change and from winter drab to colorful and vibrant, I also see every ones attitude change too. The attitude change comes in the form of new energy and the pleasure of being outside. So, as we finished up March and brought in April we have been busy planning and preparing for spring/summer projects.

Two weeks ago I had a nasty stomach bug, then last week I had a fever for 5 days along with a sore throat, head and ear ache. It took me until this Tuesday to feel somewhat like myself again. I am sure it had lots to do with the above, blooming trees and flowers.

Last Sunday my children and Arthur had a birthday celebration for me, they made my day very special. Amanda ask if I felt older, I replied "I have felt older for days". I believe this was from being so sick all week, or that I look around and see I'm pregnant and my oldest is now 17....where does time go? Really I don't feel older, well maybe some days. Those are the days when I take Jonathan to the GI doctor and think Wow he looks like he is 12...the doctor that is :) OR when I go to the OB/GYN and sit in the waiting room and look around at all the young ladies that are pregnant, and I think I could be their mother. It could also be the gray hairs that I'm getting. Whatever it is at those moments when I feel older, I then count my many blessings. I'm thankful to be alive to take Jonathan to the doctor, to be healthy enough to carry another child within my womb, and the gray hair well I guess over the years I have earned them. I look forward to many more gray hairs and birthdays celebrated with my family. I praise the Lord for another year.

This week

On Wednesday Arthur and I took the little boys to the CDM. It had been raining for days and they really needed to get out. We also meet the Shupp family from Murfreesboro while there, it was lots of fun.

We did a little face painting. Stephen wanted to look like a football player.

Wesley built with blocks, and stood in the chairs :) The rest of the time Wesley was all over the place taking it all in.

Jonathan gravitated to the area he loves the most, the doctors office. He knows how to use all the instruments, poor boy has spent much of his 10 years in the doctors office. The joy here is he gets to be the doctor. We have been members of the CDM for about 3 years and every time we go that's his favorite place to play. This exhibit has only been there for about a year. Before it came he loved the music room, now he passes it up.

James loves the hands on craft area. He spent much of his time creating this clay elephant.

Here the boys sat around a camp fire in Fiji. The theme of the upstairs at the CDM right now is Homes from around the world. They change the theme every few months. This was lots of fun the boys built homes from bricks, wood, stone, and from leaves.

William is in the small Fiji hut. It showed how their homes are made, and what the weather is like in Fiji. William and the boys learned to weave, just like the huts are built.

A field trip

On Thursday we went on a field trip to the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta, GA. This trip was with a group of HS from our church. We had a small group go, the last trip they went on I believe they had 45 people attend. Small group or big the kids had a good time.

The Coca Cola polar bear was really funny and very animated. Mrs. Tara is on the right side of the bear she is our children's minister from our church, and on the left is my good friend Deanna. The bear is holding a turtle named Yertle, she is a traveling turtle. She goes on many trips with children from the church and comes back with pictures to show of her adventures. Yertle often helps open the doors for conversations that will help tell others about Jesus.

This is the entrance to the Coca Cola museum. Amanda, James, Stephen, William, Wesley and myself are the only ones that went on this trip.

This room was filled with many old signs and memorabilia from Coca Cola over the years. Not all of these items where from America, but from all over the world. We learned very quickly Coca Cola is a well known name in any country. It was funny for me to think about since the original/founding Coca Cola company was in Chattanooga, Tennessee only 30 minutes from where we live. In the south Coca Cola is a big thing...not Pepsi!

Now you see my boys highlight of the trip, the tasting room. In this room it had 61 different varieties of Coca Cola drinks...from around the world Asia, South America, Europe, etc. The boys grabbed their cup and went from fountain station to fountain station trying out the many different flavors. Some good and some YUCK and you almost couldn't swallow them. I'll let you in on a little secret, we don't drink soda at our house (not to say they have never had it, but once in a blue moon). Poor Amanda has never like carbonated drinks so the tasting room wasn't a big deal to her, yet she still had a good time and found the apple/kiwi drink from Asia was her favorite. You could say by the end of the tasting the boys were feeling very full, not to mention that they were a little more active. They continued to tell me that they thought they could drink more, that was after I had told them I thought they had had enough. Let me tell you I'm sure they tasted every flavor and some they had more than once :) By the time we got back home and I had the boys settled in they all became very tired...not sure if it was from all the walking or a caffeine crash. They went to bed at 7:00PM that night.
That's what has been going on in our neck of the woods. In the mix of all my sickness and everyday life I'm still working on a schedule, it's getting there. While sick we didn't get as much school done as I'd have liked but, we did lots of reading. The boys started journals on Mount Rushmore and the 4 Presidents represented. They are loving it and eating it up faster than I can read it or give them their lessons. We have finished up Lincoln, and now we are on to Theodore Roosevelt. I love history and am so happy to see that how much the boys enjoy it too.
Remember to start looking Monday for vacation pictures and our trip stories....sorry for the delay!


Beth said...

What fun!!!

Glad you are feeling better - nothing worse than being sick and pregnant!!!! How is the little one doing????

sherriknits said...

Happy birthday!!! The table is beautiful!
I do hope you continue feeling better, it's rough to be sick when pregnant, but you sure look cute!
We're Pepsi drinkers here, hmmmmm
Looks like lots of fun was had by all on your field trips.

JennyH said...

Happy Birthday!!

Looks like you had a busy week.

Christine said...

I'm so glad your feeling better too. We were thinking of going on the coke field trip but Sam decided to come down with the flu the day before. :( And then you know about Lily so it is still crazy around here. :)
How many weeks are you now? Do you guys find out the gender during the pregnancy?
Christine @ Live to Learn

Theresa said...

First, I love the picture of your belly! You are so cute.

Second, happy belated birthday. You are probably in better health then some of the 'younger' mommys in the OB office. You certainly don't look like you could have a 17 year old!

We did the taste testing at Epcot. We don't drink soda in our house either (guess that's makes us both weird families :)

I love catching up on your blog. Love T

Michelle said...

happy belated birthday to you! That museum looks like it was a blast to go to!