Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another folder!

I learned a few years back that laundry helpers come in all ages and genders. William has been a laundry sorter, and carrier for the past couple of years. Just last week he added one more thing to his job description, he is now an official "Laundry Folder"!

After a little folding 101 with Elizabeth, William is now well on his way to King of the Towels!

He was very proud of his stack of towels :)

Amanda also worked with William on pants, shorts, and socks which now he folds like a pro. I guess shirts will be next. Now I officially have 8 children who can fold laundry. Folding time seems to always be a down time, and a time for some good old chit chat with the children.
If you are wondering at what age one starts to be a laundry helper, it's around 2 years old. Wesley is now doing one of William's jobs, Wesley pushes the baskets of folded clothes to the rooms in which they go. This may seem like a small task, yet it's a great help to me. It is also a start in teaching Wesley about chores, and character traits....even if he doesn't understand right now.
I love that our daily life has so many teachable moments. We may start with the simple task of teaching a small child to fold laundry, truly it's so much more. It can also be having a servants heart, and being a good steward with your belongings.


JennyH said...

He did great. I try and have my kids help as much as possible.

Glad you have so many helpers!

Beth said...

Way to go William!!

Our girls help me with the laundry too! They will hold the door open to the dryer when I am switching the loads, they'll fold the washrags (Bella is a pro - Brooklyn is still learning) and they love to help put the clothes away!! Brooklyn even knows where mine and Brannon's clothes go! I caught her trying to open our dresser drawer last weekend to put Brannon's underwear away (it was so cute b/c I didn't even have to ask her to help!!)...

Lyndi said...

Wow, I am really impressed. He did a great job. I try to get my kids to fold stuff, and I end up refolding it.....even when Bill folds I have to redo it. Maybe I need to borrow your daughter and she can teach everyone how to fold properly!

I'm glad you have such good helpers!

Lynda said...

I like that you make a big deal of celebrating your children are growing up because they are able to do more grown-up things. It's all in the way we present things, isn't it? Positive affirmation and praise are powerful motivators no matter a person's age. Of course, encouragement is one of my gifts so that is why I love what you have written and documented with pictures!

Amy said...

This is great! My children do alot of work around here but the older ones do carry most of the load. I really need to get the little ones to more even if it is just a simple little task to me but could be big task and helpful to them.

Michelle said...

He does such a great job! Want to come over and fold my laundry? lol

The Pauls' Family said...

Nice folding job William. Keep on being a big helper for your special Momma :)