Monday, May 18, 2009

Memories Monday

I was thinking about Memories Monday and also thinking about summer. When we purchased our house almost 17 years ago we had no idea what joy our pool would bring us. For more than 9 years our pool served as our only vacation for the year....each day of swimming was a wonderful break a mini vacation :)

This is William summer of 2005, he was 10 months old.

Here is Madison summer of 2006, learning to scuba dive. We have some wonderful friends Wes and Amy who brought their gear to our pool for the kids to learn.

This is Elizabeth taking a turn with Wes close by to help.

Now this unsightly pest is a black widow spider one of the many we saw last summer, the bad part was this one was behind the pool lined next to the foam wall...UGH!!

Here are Arthur and the girls checking the situation out. We knew last year that we would need to replace our pool liner by this summer, as you can see the pool wall was patched. That's the same place the black widow made it's home. Arthur killed the spider and patched the pool better in this area to hold us out the rest of the summer, this was in late August.

Now this brings us to April 2009...preparations for a new liner are underway. Elizabeth is pressure washing the fence, to help give the pool area a clean neat appearance for when we get our new pool liner.

Here you see we have drained the pool and had it measured for the new liner...the liner should be here any day. This was just going great and we were getting everything done without a hitch :)

Then came some rain, that filled in the deep end of the pool, but not to much. Not a big deal with a pump and a little time we would be back on track. Rebekah got the job of cleaning the leaves off the pump when it slowed down. Within a few hours we could see the water going down, but also a few more areas that may need a little face lift. This too wasn't a problem because Arthur has worked for a pool company we are still happy :)

After much of the water is drained Arthur goes down cuts out the bottom of the liner and drags it out. Here were the next steps... we knew the pool liner would be delivered in a few days, this gave Arthur time to resurface the bottom of the pool for it's face lift. He would then put new foam on the walls of the pool, place the liner in, and start filling it up...YAY then we have a new pretty pool for Summer 2009!
Well all that could have happened BUT it didn't! The day after Arthur cut the liner out of the hopper it began to rain...DAILY! Now 3 weeks have passed and the pool is full of water....RAIN WATER! The pump has been pumping non-stop for 3 weeks, but it can't keep up with the rain. We have water not only coming in from the rain but through the ground, because the water table is so high...we also have an underground spring. We have a beautiful new pool liner sitting and waiting to go in, foam for the walls, and more pool base for the bottom of the pool. Arthur has a big job ahead of him now, because the base of the pool now has a few deep spots from the water leaking in. The first week of rain was just frustrating, the second week we all just sighed and Arthur would remind us not to be in a hurry because it needs to be done right, this week we all just laugh and wonder what month the liner might go in?!
The water did go down a lot the end of last week, but the rain from this week end made it worse than before. Today was beautiful cool but beautiful, it's suppose to be pretty the rest of the week with only scattered thunderstorms a couple of days. We hope those don't hit us, our hope is to have the liner in this coming week end....none of us are holding our breath :)
This is one of our many projects we are in the middle of...more to pictures and stories to come!


Lyndi said...

So, you've been enjoying our lovely weather too? Hopefully it will taper off so everyone can get the things done that haven't gotten done this last very wet month!

Beth said...

OH NO!! Rain Rain Go Away!!!!

JennyH said...

Hopefully soon you'll be enjoying the pool!

Amy said...

Yuck! Looks like you have a big mess gon on. I hope the rains will subside long enough for you to fix it. Too bad we don't live closer because my kids would love to come for a swim when its fixed.

Lynda said...

And to think that you do this for recreation after working all week!!! You will truly enjoy your pool even more this summer than any other year you have owned it.