Monday, May 11, 2009

Memories Monday...TIME?

Time seems to be going by faster than a blink of an eye....and I'd like to catch up with it. Looking at my children I see how fast time and things change....they are becoming young adults, teens, preteens, rough and tumble boys, and toddlers before I can soak in all of the ages they just were. My greatest love was the baby stage, then I thought "no" it's the toddler stage. Now I'm having to rethink both of those and I'd have to say I love all stages...even the awkward preteen stage. Each stage brings joy, tears, laughter, hugs, fun, learning, (as they become teens) long talks (and teens love to talk late at night) but as a parent what I have learned I need to do most is PRAY! Prayer and Gods word is what keeps our family together.

TIME, has kept me from posting "many" things over the past month, but much has been happening. So, I was trying to get my head together on what to post because I have so much still to post on our trip and from this past month...I will finish our vacation post! I love to sit and go through pictures of the past from our computer and I ran across these, a true example of time passing in a blink of an eye.

Here is a picture of Wesley sleeping in his car seat, he was just a few days old.
March 2007

Here's Wesley sleeping on the couch, look how much he had already grown.
May 2007

Now Wesley is sleeping at lunch time in his high chair and eating solid foods.
June 2008

Finally you see Wesley again asleep in his car seat. This time he is a much bigger a boy of 2 years of age. A boy who is now a toddler and growing quickly into the rough and tumble boy stage...see the boo boo on his eye a mark of the stage to come!
April 2009

All of this to say that TIME goes to fast to waste it on things of this world. So watch your children play a little longer, read them just one more book, rock your baby while it sleeps, sing just one more song before bed, give your children an extra hug and kiss, listen to them giggle and soak it in, sit on the couch at night (when your tired) with your wide awake teen to hear just one more story or dream they want to share....because TIME is like a blink of an eye! Cherish ever moment you have with your children because it goes so fast!


Beth said...

SO TRUE! I think you really get a sense of time when as you watch your babies grow - sooo quickly!!

JennyH said...

it does go by TOO fast! sweet pictures.