Saturday, May 9, 2009

Road trip...for what?

For those of you who guessed we were going to the Nashville Zoo today you were right, but only half right. Our main reason for going to the zoo wasn't to see Gods amazing animal creations, but to attend an awards ceremony.

This was the 15th year for Tennessee to be a part of the Jr. Duck Stamp contest, and this year Nashville Zoo hosted the recognition and awards ceremony.This contest is sponsored by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Tennessee Wildlife Federation, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, and Friends of Tennessee national Wildlife Refuge.

So what is the Jr. Duck Stamp Contest? This is a contest for school age students from kindergarten thru 12th grade in the area of art. There are 4 age categories and awards are give to each group for first, second, third place, and honorable mention. There is also a best in show which then gets to go on to compete at the national level in Washington DC. The stamp chosen at the national level goes on the wildlife hunting stamp for the year, 98% of the money spent to purchase the wildlife stamp goes back into the wildlife services to help care for the birds that are endangered.

This was Elizabeth's second year to enter the contest and she placed honorable mention. She was very excited and we are very proud of her, there where 555 entries. Before the awards were given out a man from the Tennessee Wildlife Services spoke, and the caretaker of the birds from the zoo came and spoke. He gave a slide show presentaion on the endangered birds that zoos are trying to take in to breed before they become extinct. He also spoke about how hunting is still something that helps keep the cycle of birds in order as not to over populate. His presentation was very educational and interesting....Amanda our animal lover ate it up :)

This is the duck Elizabeth entered in the contest, this species is a Female Gadwall.

As each of the contest winners were called up for their awards they placed their picture on the screen for eveyone to see. This show was put together very well.

We all had a great time this morning and the children sat so well through the 2 hour ceremony. It also helped that they served a large variety of donuts and drinks. We found out after the show Madison ate 7 donuts, and he paid for it later. His tummy was upset and he had to skip lunch.

The picture above shows what was going on the whole time during the show and after....RAIN!!! We have had rain here for 1 solid week...sigh* So, we decided that touring the zoo while it was raining didn't sound like to much fun. Instead we drove on to Murfreesboro to visit Arthur's sister Karen and her family. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with them for a couple of hours, this also gave the little boys time to get their energy/sugar out of their system before we headed back on our 2 1/2 hour drive home. This was a great day!

Our prayer is that Elizabeth continue to grow in the gift the Lord has given her with art, and that she will use it to glorify HIM!


Beth said...

Congrats, Elizabeth!!!!

Lyndi said...

That was a beautiful picture. Congratulations! Too bad we couldn't get together yesterday, you were just around the corner :(

Amy said...

Congratulations Elizabeth! Her picture was beautiful. My dad would love it. He is a very BIG duck fan!

Laura said...

Great job, Elizabeth! Looks like it was a fun family outing!!

JennyH said...

That is awesome. She is very talented. Too bad it rained the whole time.

7 donuts!? that's a lot for little tummies!! I bet they were yummy though!

The Pauls' Family said...

Great job Liz! Awesome picture!

Miss you lots,