Thursday, June 25, 2009

ER discounts???

I'm beginning to wonder if they give ER discounts to those who come in on a regular basis. You know you have been in the ER a lot when one of the doctors comes in and says "wow, you look so familiar" and then says "wonder were from" I sigh*** and had to reply "here". OK, that's not a good sign. This was Elizabeth's ER doctor from last years Black widow bite. Then the lady who checked us in says "I remember you"....sigh****and I said"yes, from Wesley's chin stitches I believe". All of this taking place while I see in the next room is the doctor who treated Elizabeth and Amanda 2 years ago for their broken ankles...the ones they broke just 1 day apart. As you can see we had to go to the ER tonight AGAIN!

Wesley has now been to the ER 3 times in less than 2 months, not good! The first time for the stitches in his chin, next for sever abdominal pain and cramping (I didn't post about this one it was 3 weeks ago, you know he has major Gi issues and now they believe he has irritable bowel), and again tonight because yet again Wesley got a "huge" cut on his face. Wesley pulled the cord to Madison's lamp on his desk, the lamp had a big glass globe on it. Well, he pulled hard the globe came down hit him on the head broke and cut his face in the process. The cut runs down the right side of his cheek. Guess who his doctor was??? The very same doctor who put in his stitches less than 2 months ago...and yes she remembered us :) This time the cut was very clean and not as deep so they were able to repair it with dermabond. That was good news since he was so upset getting stitches last time. The sad part is no swimming for 7 days, and he just got over his cyst surgery and back to swimming. Poor Wesley has been through it the past 2 months. We got back home around 10:00 PM tonight and now bed is calling :)

So, don't you think they should give ER discounts??? If, not per person how about per family??? Just a thought ;)

Praying that's or last trip to the ER for a "very" long time!!! I'm "very" thankful to have such a wonderful children's hospital near by with a wonderful caring staff.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...with words :)

Pictures after church,
outside in 90 degree weather.
These boys needed lunch and a nap!
(and the slinky they had been playing with!)

But look within minutes their Daddy
was being silly, and had them smiling again!
(Elizabeth captured the pictures of the sad faced boys)

Now having smiling faces we could get a picture :)
With Arthur having been a photographer our children
are very use to having their pictures made often.
They are also use to having to look only at the flashing
light on the camera while it sits on the tripod,
this being when we are getting a family picture.
By age 1 all of our children knew to watch the camera
light and smile. So it was funny to me to see the boys
cry as they did... this is another reason I love
cameras and pictures.
Not just to capture the happy and fun,
but our true day to day lives!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cash & Cards

Today was a day of great finds, like cash and cards. I was on a cleaning spree, I think it's still a little to early to call it nesting :) Or it could be that since we started all this home remodeling I feel like my home is in disarray. So, I thought I'll start cleaning things that don't have to do with the kitchen, laundry room, or hall bathroom. In the process of cleaning out some papers from our February trip I found $30 cash, it belongs to the 3 little boys. It was given to them by our friends Wes and Amy before our trip. Now these boys are each $10 in the plus! Then I began to clean out a cubby in our roll top desk, this cubby had lots of cards and notes. I thought I need to see what's to keep and what's to throw away. I came across the very sweet birthday card my children gave me in March with $70 in it...WooHoo!!! Feeling very excited I was on to another cubby in the desk, one that has stamps and a few gift cards. (these are my cubbies) The gift cards had been there for sometime, I thought might as well check to see if there was anything left on them. Guess what? There was! 4 cards with a combined total of $43.88!

So, today I found cash and cards with a grand total of $143.88. This was another "great" example of why Arthur takes care of our finances :) I'm very organized in our house and with our children, but with finances I'm a walking disaster. I'm thankful Arthur takes care of all that!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Memories Monday

November 2005

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, Orlando Florida

Who was this chubby little baby???

Wow, it was William :)

Out of all our children I think William has changed the most. William had very blond hair with lots of curls in the back. He also was as you can see very chubby. Now William's hair is a dirty blond, no curls, and he has outgrown his chub. This is why I love pictures so much, it takes me back in time to special memories giving me a glimpse at treasured moments.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Arthur !!!

Father's Day 2009
Arthur celebrated Father's Day with
his 9 wonderful blessings
given by the Lord!

Next year he can celebrate with 10!
Today I am 29 weeks pregnant,
with just 11 more to go.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Look Mom!!!

Yesterday afternoon I left the house to take lunch to everyone who was working at the store. Rebekah was home with the other boys, and they were finishing up their lunch. I was only gone about 15 minutes. When I walked in the door Stephen came up to me to show me this....

While gone Stephen pulled his tooth, by himself!!! We didn't even know it was ready to be pulled. Stephen was very proud of himself, he is very independent.

Here he is with his new smile :)
It won't be long and he can pull the other one. Boy they grow up to fast!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Charity Horse Show

Last night we went to the 32ND annual Chattanooga Cleveland Charity Horse Show, held at Tri-State Exhibition Center. All the proceeds go to benefit Signal Centers, they are a center that focuses on children and adults with disabilities through education. Last night was the first night and the show will run through Saturday. We had lots of fun watching the riders with their beautiful horses as they preformed.

This was the Amateur Fine Harness event.

This was the winner of that class, Lovin' Lass.

The horses had the most royal looking tails.
The horses were so regal, sleek, and shiny.

Here is one of the riders lined up waiting to hear who won, this group was from class 17 yrs and under. Sadly this rider and horse came in last, yet we thought they all did great!
Arthur, the girls, and myself enjoyed watching the Harness Pony class the best. We loved the buggies and the poise of the riders. The boys well this show was a little "slow" pace for them. They liked the beautiful horses but, kept wondering where the lasso and barrel races were. So, I guess next go round we'll go to The Rodeo, where the cowboys are :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Memories Monday

The many faces of Wesley....PAST!

This was Easter 2008.....Wesley looking pitiful!

The pleading face of HELP ME!

Now you have it the LIP!!!

The many faces of Wesley....PRESENT!!!

Sweet as pie with eyes like the crystal sea, but if you look close you can see a twinkle in those eyes. What could the twinkle be, he'll never tell!

Now you can see the facial expression is changing and Wesley's 2 year old eyes still hold a mystery. But what???

OK, now we are getting somewhere it's once again the LIP! This time the eyes are a little weepy or is that frustration?!?

There it is folks the LIP and the tears, and it only took him a little over a year to prefect it! Wesley in his wonderful 2's has become very good at turning on the LIP, and often times plays the part like a well trained actor. The bad thing is he looks this same way when he is truly upset or hurt, we are now becoming very aware of what is put on or when he is really upset/hurt.
On this day it was a little of both Wesley was being selfish, but he was also in a great deal of pain. This was last week the day after Wesley had had Knoxville at Children's outpatient. He had 2 eraser size cyst removed and 5 small ones around it. So, he was pouty and hurting...still he is so good at the LIP and he knows how to work it :) I wonder if this is due to the fact that he is the baby of 9 children and all his siblings dote on him?
Pictures present taken by Elizabeth

Peanut Allergies???

It was brought to my attention by my friend Amy that many children have peanut allergies. I tend to forget about this because none of our children have this allergy. So, the Pine cone bird feeder made with peanut butter wouldn't be a craft that those with a peanut allergy would want to craft. There is a substitute for peanut butter....Marshmallow Creme! It works just as well, and I've never heard of anyone allergic to Marshmallow there?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feed the Birds

Amanda was trying to think of something fun to do with the little boys Friday afternoon. They seem to be very tired of our home being in disarray from the remodel, and need a little distraction. Amanda then remembered something fun to make along with helping the birds...Pine cone bird feeders. So, she had the boys out the door in search of some pine cones.

With a few pine cones, peanut butter, string, and some seed they were well on their way to getting their project started.

Wesley watched Amanda's every move...thinking at times he didn't need her assistance.

We selected a seed that would feed a wide variety of birds types.

Wesley loved spreading on the peanut butter, as much as he enjoyed eating it.

I believe William's motto was some for the birds and some for me!

Now to roll the peanut butter covered cones in bird seed.

Here are the yummy but pretty bird feeders, ready to be hung.

They placed 5 pine cone feeder in our trees and gave a few away as gifts. Amanda made sure to hang each one where the birds could perch to reach the feeders. There was only one problem on Saturday morning they went to see if any of the seed had been eaten, and saw that one of the feeders was missing. Those pesky squirrels took off with the pine cone and string, I bet they had a tummy ache from all the peanut butter :)

This is one of the pine cones that we wrapped up and gave as a gift. This was a fun inexpensive activity that gave the boys a nice break and the birds (squirrels) a nice treat. As you can see from the look on William's face he had a good time. My mind seems to be on overload with the remodel, and I'm very thankful for the times the girls come up with fun activities for their siblings to do.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

I made an OOPS!!!

On my Memories Monday post I made a BIG oops!!! This was pointed out to me by Elizabeth and Stephen. You see the little boy at the bottom of my Memories Monday post wasn't Nathan, it was...
Sorry for the mix up but bundled up in their snow woollies, I couldn't tell it was Jesse. My children knew right away and knew who wore what snow gear....oh the mind of a child, so much better than my own!

Now this is NATHAN!
Here Nathan was being so sweet by pulling Wesley around in the wagon.

Both of these boys are just precious!

Memories Monday

After Disney trips and other various vacations our children
will still tell you their memories of Canada were better
than any other trip EVER!!!
Was it the snow, ice skating, or snowmobiling?
It wasn't any of those things, it was
The Pauls' Family!!!
The girls off to the barn for milking,
what an awesome experience
one they cherish.

This Memories Monday is from our trip to Canada,
not so long ago...yet it now seems like a lifetime ago.
We long to see our sweet friends the PAULS',
the days spent in their home was the highlight of our trip.
I have lots to post about our time in Canada
yet, each time I try to think of the words to write
they just don't do justice for all that took place
or that is in my heart.
Most of all the bond that all of our family found with
the Pauls' a bond that could only come from the Lord!
They hold a very special place in our hearts,
and we are so thankful for their friendship.
It's not often you find a family that is
so much like your own,
this is what we have found with The Pauls.
Our families have love for God,
faith, family, morals,
values, discipline, working as a team,
worship, so all in all we are likeminded.
This was the first morning,
when male the bonding was getting started.
It didn't take long and they were friends.
Our boys talk about the Pauls' boys daily, and
look forward to our next fellowship.
Lord willing next month!!!
We are so excited!

After breakfast
William, Mikaya, and Brooke
took in a little reading.
(as you can see William felt right at home)
It seemed we were all on our way
to some sweet fellowship :)

Here are Jennifer and Elizabeth
the oldest of the girls and so much alike.
But what are these sweet girls doing???

Are they starting a snowball fight???

Look they pulled Megan into their
snowball war, but against who?

Now look there are 2 teams.
I'm not sure this was fair.
The 4 oldest girls with a few little helpers,
against the 2 youngest girls and a few helpers.
Wonder who will come out on top?

WOW, Kerri how did that snow taste?
Not sure Rebekah was much help,
sorry Kerri :(

Did I mention we had sweet fellowship?!?

Even Nathan got in on the snowball action!

More pictures of Canada to come.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A special treat

Today we were given a yummy delicious treat, by our sweet friend Mrs. Jamie. Over the past few years Mrs. Jamie has become like family to us, our kids refer to her as Aunt Jamie. We became acquainted with Mrs. Jamie at our store when she began bringing her Hanna to us for grooming, boarding, and daycare, you can see Hanna... HERE on the Great Doggie Doos blog. Mrs. Jamie loves to cook and bless others with her scrumptious creations. She serves them up to her husband Mr. Mike but she always seems to make enough to share, and we love it when she comes in with one of her many tasty treats. There have been a few times in the past that she has brought something in and it would all have been eaten by the end of the day...nothing to bring home for siblings or mom :( Only the stories of how wonderful it tasted. So today Mrs. Jamie brought us cupcakes but she waited until late afternoon and then gave specific instructions that they were to be eaten at home....thank you Mrs. Jamie. We have told Mrs. Jamie that we feel she truly missed her calling and that she should have been a pastry chef!

The best part about having this special treat today wasn't how tasty they were, but the timing in which they were given. With our kitchen gone and with only use of our outdoor grill, microwave, and a sink in the bathroom this homemade treat was an award winner!!!! Here are a few faces that would agree....



Eat the icing first, and the cake last...See!!!

Cupcake??? It was gone---fast!!!