Thursday, June 25, 2009

ER discounts???

I'm beginning to wonder if they give ER discounts to those who come in on a regular basis. You know you have been in the ER a lot when one of the doctors comes in and says "wow, you look so familiar" and then says "wonder were from" I sigh*** and had to reply "here". OK, that's not a good sign. This was Elizabeth's ER doctor from last years Black widow bite. Then the lady who checked us in says "I remember you"....sigh****and I said"yes, from Wesley's chin stitches I believe". All of this taking place while I see in the next room is the doctor who treated Elizabeth and Amanda 2 years ago for their broken ankles...the ones they broke just 1 day apart. As you can see we had to go to the ER tonight AGAIN!

Wesley has now been to the ER 3 times in less than 2 months, not good! The first time for the stitches in his chin, next for sever abdominal pain and cramping (I didn't post about this one it was 3 weeks ago, you know he has major Gi issues and now they believe he has irritable bowel), and again tonight because yet again Wesley got a "huge" cut on his face. Wesley pulled the cord to Madison's lamp on his desk, the lamp had a big glass globe on it. Well, he pulled hard the globe came down hit him on the head broke and cut his face in the process. The cut runs down the right side of his cheek. Guess who his doctor was??? The very same doctor who put in his stitches less than 2 months ago...and yes she remembered us :) This time the cut was very clean and not as deep so they were able to repair it with dermabond. That was good news since he was so upset getting stitches last time. The sad part is no swimming for 7 days, and he just got over his cyst surgery and back to swimming. Poor Wesley has been through it the past 2 months. We got back home around 10:00 PM tonight and now bed is calling :)

So, don't you think they should give ER discounts??? If, not per person how about per family??? Just a thought ;)

Praying that's or last trip to the ER for a "very" long time!!! I'm "very" thankful to have such a wonderful children's hospital near by with a wonderful caring staff.


Laura said...

Poor little guy! I'm so sorry you've had to go so often. Not exactly a fun place to be. And yes, I think they should give you a discount! :)

Joy said...

Sorry to hear about Wesley's newest injury!
Has he ever been tested for Celiac disease. It can cause stomach issues and is often misdiagnosed as IBS. My daughter has it.

Amy said...

Hope the next time you have to go to the hospital is to give birth to this new little blessing and no more accidents for a while!

Dee Dee said...

I'm soo sorry for Wesley! I had no idea he's been through so much! We will pray this is the last visit EVER for your family!

The Pauls' Family said...

Poor Wesley he's having a tuff time :(

Only afew more days till we see you guys
Can't wait!


Michelle said...

Yikes! It sure does sound like your family has had their fare share of ER visits - hopefully the last for a long time! Hope he's doing much better!

JennyH said...

Poor little guy. Hope he heals fast and decides to stay away from the ER for awhile!!

Amanda said...

I hope Wesley is recovering well from his cut. I've been praying for him since you posted.

Beth said...

Oh ouch. Yes, the ER should give out one of those little keychain discount cards, VIP or something!

Hope it heals quickly!

Have you had Wesley checked for celiac? Many times IBS is misdiagnosed when it's really celiac.