Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feed the Birds

Amanda was trying to think of something fun to do with the little boys Friday afternoon. They seem to be very tired of our home being in disarray from the remodel, and need a little distraction. Amanda then remembered something fun to make along with helping the birds...Pine cone bird feeders. So, she had the boys out the door in search of some pine cones.

With a few pine cones, peanut butter, string, and some seed they were well on their way to getting their project started.

Wesley watched Amanda's every move...thinking at times he didn't need her assistance.

We selected a seed that would feed a wide variety of birds types.

Wesley loved spreading on the peanut butter, as much as he enjoyed eating it.

I believe William's motto was some for the birds and some for me!

Now to roll the peanut butter covered cones in bird seed.

Here are the yummy but pretty bird feeders, ready to be hung.

They placed 5 pine cone feeder in our trees and gave a few away as gifts. Amanda made sure to hang each one where the birds could perch to reach the feeders. There was only one problem on Saturday morning they went to see if any of the seed had been eaten, and saw that one of the feeders was missing. Those pesky squirrels took off with the pine cone and string, I bet they had a tummy ache from all the peanut butter :)

This is one of the pine cones that we wrapped up and gave as a gift. This was a fun inexpensive activity that gave the boys a nice break and the birds (squirrels) a nice treat. As you can see from the look on William's face he had a good time. My mind seems to be on overload with the remodel, and I'm very thankful for the times the girls come up with fun activities for their siblings to do.

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Amy said...

What a great project!! Not sure how that would work at our house with our peanut allergies but maybe Cade could wear gloves while doing the project. I may have to check into that idea:)