Monday, June 8, 2009

Memories Monday

After Disney trips and other various vacations our children
will still tell you their memories of Canada were better
than any other trip EVER!!!
Was it the snow, ice skating, or snowmobiling?
It wasn't any of those things, it was
The Pauls' Family!!!
The girls off to the barn for milking,
what an awesome experience
one they cherish.

This Memories Monday is from our trip to Canada,
not so long ago...yet it now seems like a lifetime ago.
We long to see our sweet friends the PAULS',
the days spent in their home was the highlight of our trip.
I have lots to post about our time in Canada
yet, each time I try to think of the words to write
they just don't do justice for all that took place
or that is in my heart.
Most of all the bond that all of our family found with
the Pauls' a bond that could only come from the Lord!
They hold a very special place in our hearts,
and we are so thankful for their friendship.
It's not often you find a family that is
so much like your own,
this is what we have found with The Pauls.
Our families have love for God,
faith, family, morals,
values, discipline, working as a team,
worship, so all in all we are likeminded.
This was the first morning,
when male the bonding was getting started.
It didn't take long and they were friends.
Our boys talk about the Pauls' boys daily, and
look forward to our next fellowship.
Lord willing next month!!!
We are so excited!

After breakfast
William, Mikaya, and Brooke
took in a little reading.
(as you can see William felt right at home)
It seemed we were all on our way
to some sweet fellowship :)

Here are Jennifer and Elizabeth
the oldest of the girls and so much alike.
But what are these sweet girls doing???

Are they starting a snowball fight???

Look they pulled Megan into their
snowball war, but against who?

Now look there are 2 teams.
I'm not sure this was fair.
The 4 oldest girls with a few little helpers,
against the 2 youngest girls and a few helpers.
Wonder who will come out on top?

WOW, Kerri how did that snow taste?
Not sure Rebekah was much help,
sorry Kerri :(

Did I mention we had sweet fellowship?!?

Even Nathan got in on the snowball action!

More pictures of Canada to come.

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The Pauls' Family said...

We couldn't have said it any better, our meeting/friendship truly was orchestrated by God. Good memories. Hopefully we can make some more soon :) Our love to you all!