Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A special treat

Today we were given a yummy delicious treat, by our sweet friend Mrs. Jamie. Over the past few years Mrs. Jamie has become like family to us, our kids refer to her as Aunt Jamie. We became acquainted with Mrs. Jamie at our store when she began bringing her Hanna to us for grooming, boarding, and daycare, you can see Hanna... HERE on the Great Doggie Doos blog. Mrs. Jamie loves to cook and bless others with her scrumptious creations. She serves them up to her husband Mr. Mike but she always seems to make enough to share, and we love it when she comes in with one of her many tasty treats. There have been a few times in the past that she has brought something in and it would all have been eaten by the end of the day...nothing to bring home for siblings or mom :( Only the stories of how wonderful it tasted. So today Mrs. Jamie brought us cupcakes but she waited until late afternoon and then gave specific instructions that they were to be eaten at home....thank you Mrs. Jamie. We have told Mrs. Jamie that we feel she truly missed her calling and that she should have been a pastry chef!

The best part about having this special treat today wasn't how tasty they were, but the timing in which they were given. With our kitchen gone and with only use of our outdoor grill, microwave, and a sink in the bathroom this homemade treat was an award winner!!!! Here are a few faces that would agree....



Eat the icing first, and the cake last...See!!!

Cupcake??? It was gone---fast!!!


Lynda said...

And it looks like the pool is back in operation!!!! Hooray!

JennyH said...

SO sweet of her. Those pictures are so cute.

Looks like it was a nice night to swim and eat cupcakes!!