Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...with words :)

Pictures after church,
outside in 90 degree weather.
These boys needed lunch and a nap!
(and the slinky they had been playing with!)

But look within minutes their Daddy
was being silly, and had them smiling again!
(Elizabeth captured the pictures of the sad faced boys)

Now having smiling faces we could get a picture :)
With Arthur having been a photographer our children
are very use to having their pictures made often.
They are also use to having to look only at the flashing
light on the camera while it sits on the tripod,
this being when we are getting a family picture.
By age 1 all of our children knew to watch the camera
light and smile. So it was funny to me to see the boys
cry as they did... this is another reason I love
cameras and pictures.
Not just to capture the happy and fun,
but our true day to day lives!


Amy said...

Love the sad then happy faces! That is a great kid group picture:)
BTW,our kids are the same way with the tripod and camera. That's how we take our family photos, too.

Theresa said...

My computer virus is gone and now I can visit more often. It seems like I have been away FOREVER. How are you feeling?

Love T

Beth said...

They are ALL great!! You have such a beautiful family - looking forward to "meeting" the newest member soon!!! Hope you are feeling well!