Friday, July 31, 2009


I now officially believe I've been inducted into the Blog Slacker Hall of Fame! From the house remodel, to doctors appointments, sick kids, and life I have fallen waaaaay behind in my posting. I have lots I could have shared over the past few months but have found it hard to get it all done, so my slacking has come in the area of blog posting. I still keep up with my friends blogs (not always leaving comments, because of time constraints) and hope to be back into the blog posting world on a regular basis soon....if I still have family and friends that want to keep up with us. I know we aren't always real exciting around here but life in a full house of children is never dull...and always seems to give me something daily to laugh about. Thanks to those of you who have left comments and emailed me asking how we are doing. We are closer to finishing house projects, closer to baby being here, the children are now all well after almost 3 weeks of virus in our home Amanda & Wesley being the only ones untouched by the nasty virus, all in all I feel the norm coming back to our homestead. That is until new baby arrives and then we'll find a new norm in a house of 12.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Tea Party

Last week the children decided to give an afternoon Tea Party....minus the tea, they served homemade Lemonade instead. They all began to work together decorating, cooking, and cleaning up before their guest arrived.

This was their guest of honor for the party, Nonnie their 89 year old great grandmother. The children love to have her come over to hear tales of how life was when she was a young girl and family stories. For 89 she's still pretty spry lives alone, does her own shopping, and drives herself. She amazes us all :)

Along with our lemonade we had lemon pound cake, butter pound cake, bananas, strawberries, and whip cream...YUM!

(pictures not in order...oops!)

Before our dessert we had PB&J sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, and one of our favorites cucumber sandwiches, along with chips. Their was something for every ones taste :) The girls like to use times like this Lemonade party to help their little brothers out with their manners and how to be hospitable.

After everyone had a full tummy we sat around and talked for awhile, it was a nice peaceful afternoon spent with someone we all love very much!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our time with the Pauls'...Memories Past & Present

This post is full of pictures from the time we shared with The Pauls' Family this past March, and just a few weeks ago. These pictures give you an idea of some of the fun we had while we fellowship in Canada and Tennessee.

Memories Past

This is where our RV sat while visiting The Pauls'.

We loved seeing all the animals on their farm,
and there were "many" to see!

Here Madison and Caleb were pulling a few riders,
what great big brothers they are.

As you can see from Zachary and Stephen's
faces they were enjoying the ride.

Then you have Wesley and James pulling up the rear.

There was also lots of fun on the snowmobile.
Jennifer was treating Stephen and Elizabeth
to a ride.

There farm was covered in snow and
it was so beautiful. The kind of snow
that those of us from Tennessee
never see!

One of our girls favorite things
was the hockey and skating.
Each year The Pauls' try
to make a rink for hockey
and skating, they do a fantastic job!
Our girls had never played and have
skated only a few times, so this was a real treat!

This snow hill/mound Mark created for
the kids with his tractor....
as you can see they "loved"it!
90% of the time when the kids went out
to play you would find them here playing
king of the hill, or just sliding down...wheee!
One of my favorite things was the bay window
at the end of their dinning room. You could
sit at the table or on the window seat and
watch the kids playing right outside on the
snow hill. Between the beauty of the farm
and the kids having a blast in the snow
I could have sat there for hours.

One night the Penner Family invited us
to their home for dinner. That was a big invite
when you consider that meant having
23 people over for dinner. The meal was fantastic
Henry, Esther, and the children were so
kind to have us.

The above picture is at the home of the Penners.
It is a group shot of the Penners, Pauls', and
Munck children. We were missing Ryan Penner from
the picture but he had been there earlier. So 25 children
in the picture but a total of 28 children
between 3 families!
Behold children are a heritage of the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows
in the hand of a warrior, so are the children
of one's youth. Happy is the man who has
his quiver full of them.
Psalms 127 3-5

(Josh is the Pauls' son & Rebecca is the Penner's daughter)
were away on their honeymoon
when we were visiting.
We feel as though we know them already,
but hope to meet them our next visit
Winter 2010!
They played the game "Pit"
we brought this game because it's a family favorite
that Arthur has had since the 70's.
We have never known another family
to own one....
but the Pauls' owned one too!

The little guys liked playing UNO.

The Pauls' girls introduced our girls to
Dutch Blitz.
I couldn't count how many games they played
while we were there.
Upon our return home our girls
found the game online and ordered it.

On March 7th, Wesley turned 2 years old.
The Pauls' ladies went all out and baked him
a cake and we ate homemade pizza.
It was all so tasty!

Wesley opened his presents sitting
right next to his friend "Kaya"
What a fun birthday he had.

All the boys really enjoyed playing
on the snow covered hay bales.

Here James is holding a
Tennessee Football,
they all loved football.
Even if it was snow football :)

Mixed with the fun and games
came chore time.
Our kids liked learning/helping with all
the different chores on their farm.
Jennifer taught Elizabeth to
milk the cows.
Elizabeth really enjoyed this and
she was amazed at how fast Jen
can hand milk.

This was our group shot taken the
night before we left. We were missing one
little person Miss Mikaya, she became sick
and went to bed early.
I didn't want to leave out Miss Mikaya,
so here she is looking super cute in her

The morning we left our sweet friends home,
we followed Mark and Rosalie out.
This is a picture of the back side of their
van, smiling back at us.
I can tell you right now that those
of us in the RV didn't feel like smiling back
because we were sad our fellowship was over.
Yet we were also very thankful for the time
we shared with them at their home.

Memories Present
The Pauls' came all the way to TENNESSEE!!!!
Here are both of our vans
parked in our driveway, this was great!
When we left their home in March
July seemed so far away, but now the time
was here. It almost felt like a dream.

Homemade ice cream....Yum!

We had a very relaxed visit while the Pauls' were
here. Our business was still open and it was a busy week
for boarding because of 4th of July.
So Jennifer,Megan, & Kerri
went to help out our girls at the store,
Caleb also helped Madison out in daycare.
This gave their girls & Caleb
an idea of what our children do each day.
Megan and Amanda taking the
smaller children on a golf cart/wagon ride.

There was swimming. The Pauls'
boys really caught on to swimming by the
time they left a couple were looking like little fish.

Wesley and Mikaya
really enjoyed their watermelon :)
There was fun on the trampoline....
bounce, bounce, bounce!

(photo by Megan)

On July 4th there were FIREWORKS!!!

There were trips to the playground,
and this picture reminds me of a
daycare.....but that's just Pauls' and Muncks ;)

There was lots of coloring.

Then there was a very special day
Brooke's 4th Birthday!

We were very excited to be able to
celebrate a birthday at our house.
What a precious girl Miss Brooke is and
it was so much fun to see her open her presents
and spend a special time with her.
Each time she opened a present in a very sweet
little girl voice she would thank the giver
and then give them a hug....precious!

On Sunday a few decided to take
an adventure and go whitewater rafting
down the Ocoee River.

The crew of rafters from front to back are

Left to Right
*Jennifer & Mark
*Kerri & Rebekah
*Megan & Amanda

Arthur took lots of action pictures and the rest of
us road up and watched from the van.
They all had lots of fun and I believe they would say
it was an adventure.

The Muncks and The Pauls'
July 7th....D day :(

"D"eparture Day

This picture was taken early that morning,
and I think reality had already set in with most
of us what this meant....saying goodbye :(

The pictures I shared from our trip to their home in Canada are just a small glimps from the over 1000 pictures taken, the same can be said for the pictures taken while the were visiting us in Tennessee. It's very hard to sum up a visit or fellowship in one blog post, one I've been working on for 2 weeks. It is also equally as hard for me to place in words the friendship our family shares with the Pauls'. It started out with 2 blog moms exchanging emails over the course of a year, and upon meeting it was quickly evident that our families were "very" much alike and
fast we "all" became friends. Rosalie and I have been pregnant at the same time 8 times, and 2 of our children have the same birthday. Rebekah and Kerri share February 11th as their birthday and are the same age 14. Zachary and Stephen have the same birthday October 16, but they are 2 years apart in age. Once again I don't have the words to convey what my heart feels for the Pauls''s as if we have known each other a lifetime, and they now are just like family!
I don't believe in karma, luck, fate, or chance. I believe all things that happen in life happen of God. So I believe that our meeting, becoming friends, and the bond we share is truly of the Lord, I count it as a gift.
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights
James 1:17

Sunday, July 19, 2009

33 weeks gone, but where???

It's Sunday night, again. I'm wondering where last week went and how it became Sunday night so fast?! July 19th how did we get to July 19th so fast? Christmas will be here before we know it, and then on to 2010! OK, this all needs to slow down a bit for me I have scads of things to get accomplished in the next few weeks, 7 weeks to be exact. This is where I begin to wonder how the past 33 weeks has gone by so quickly too? Today marks my 33 weeks of pregnancy with only 7 left to go....I'm not ready! Oh I'm ready to see Baby Munck's sweet face, hold it's tiny body up to my chest with it's head resting under my chin, and then take in long deep breaths enjoying the aroma of new baby. This is something I very much look forward to and cherish because that time also passes by much to fast. So tomorrow will begin my nesting period, and I feel that I don't have time to waste. Our last 4 babies have come early and when I say early I mean 2 coming 21 days early and 2 coming 19 days early. If that's the case this time (I pray I will go the full 7 weeks!) then Baby Munck could be here in 4 weeks!!! This is why I hope to have my "To Do" list done in the next 4 weeks. This isn't impossible if I have helpers, and thankfully I do. I do however have a couple of projects (craft) I started months ago and haven't finished them. These are things I was working on to send to a couple of people, I hope they can still use them by the time they get finished and I ship them out. The rest of my list well I'll share that with you in another post, for now I'm off to bed. This is the main reason I don't seem to be getting as much done as I'd like....I'm tired! This pregnancy has been great other than the morning sickness early on, which was short lived. Since then I have felt really good, even better than the last 2 pregnancies. My only problem is I seem to be so much more tired this time. I just chalk this up to heat, age, and weight...sigh* I'll take tired any day when I know in the end the reward will be a precious bundle of baby, a blessing beyond measure!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random questions???

How do you get sick in the middle of summer with beautiful 90 degree weather???

Do germs take a vacation???

Why don't doctors give more than 1 prescription for children with many siblings???

The doctors know those siblings will return with the same illness, don't they???

Do doctors truly believe that in a house with many children that they are all going to stay away from each other until the fever, cough, runny nose, and sore throat are gone???

What size house would that family live in???

Who would help the mom care for all the children in that size house???

As I said just random questions. This coming from a mom who is sitting this evening on the couch pondering all of these....and a few more. OK, I know you may sense a little sarcasm here.
It could be because I took Rebekah today to the doctor for an ear infection, sore throat, and fever of 103. Here's where the story just gets better as of 6:00PM we have 5 boys with a fever also, and they told Rebekah to stay clear of the other children until she was fever free. Even if she could have looks like they were already well on their way to being sick, too. Now my prayer is that theirs is only the fever and doesn't progress further than that.

As I say life is "never dull" and still I wouldn't change a thing about my life....well maybe the sick children part :) The children are all in bed medicated with fever reliever and extra vitamin C. I'm off to bed and praying everyone sleeps through the night, and wakes fever free in the morning.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Memories Monday

Memories Past

This was Wesley last summer 2008,
he was 15 months old.
This is when Wesley's
love for watermelon began.

Wesley ate his weight in watermelon,
and it made him so happy
with every bite :)

Memories Present

Who cares I love watermelon!

This is the best part of summer.

Watermelon hits the spot!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's been going on here...

Last Wednesday our dear friends The Pauls' Family came down all the way from Canada to visit us. Remember The Pauls' were the reason we took our trip to Canada in March. This time it was their turn to come our way, and let me tell you it's a long way! We were ALL so excited about their visit. When they arrived last week it didn't seem like it could be true that they were standing in our yard in Tennessee. I'm not sure who was the most excited to see each other the 19 children or the 4 parents :) All of the children get along so well, you wouldn't have ever known that there were 23 of us in the house. For 7 days and 6 nights we had wonderful fellowship, and then the dreaded day came....they had to head back home. We felt like they just got here and we weren't ready to let go and send them on their way. We all have been very weepy and blue since they left. Now we have set our sites on our next time together, Lord willing winter 2010. Our family hopes to take another trip to Canada to visit with The Pauls.

We are thankful for the time spent together and pray that their travels home are safe.

Pictures of the past week coming!