Monday, July 13, 2009

Memories Monday

Memories Past

This was Wesley last summer 2008,
he was 15 months old.
This is when Wesley's
love for watermelon began.

Wesley ate his weight in watermelon,
and it made him so happy
with every bite :)

Memories Present

Who cares I love watermelon!

This is the best part of summer.

Watermelon hits the spot!


Amy said...

Great summer memories!!! BTW, how are you doing? Did you get me email a couple of weeks ago?

My name is Sarah said...


Chris said...

How cute! Hope you're pregnancy is going well. Do you find out what you have or wait till birth?

I also can't wait to read the home improvement update. Wanted to know how that was going.

Chris in FL

Beth said...

WOW - he has changed so much in a year!!!

How are you feeling? Not too much longer - thinking about you lots!!