Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random questions???

How do you get sick in the middle of summer with beautiful 90 degree weather???

Do germs take a vacation???

Why don't doctors give more than 1 prescription for children with many siblings???

The doctors know those siblings will return with the same illness, don't they???

Do doctors truly believe that in a house with many children that they are all going to stay away from each other until the fever, cough, runny nose, and sore throat are gone???

What size house would that family live in???

Who would help the mom care for all the children in that size house???

As I said just random questions. This coming from a mom who is sitting this evening on the couch pondering all of these....and a few more. OK, I know you may sense a little sarcasm here.
It could be because I took Rebekah today to the doctor for an ear infection, sore throat, and fever of 103. Here's where the story just gets better as of 6:00PM we have 5 boys with a fever also, and they told Rebekah to stay clear of the other children until she was fever free. Even if she could have looks like they were already well on their way to being sick, too. Now my prayer is that theirs is only the fever and doesn't progress further than that.

As I say life is "never dull" and still I wouldn't change a thing about my life....well maybe the sick children part :) The children are all in bed medicated with fever reliever and extra vitamin C. I'm off to bed and praying everyone sleeps through the night, and wakes fever free in the morning.


Amy said...

Great questions! I don't listen the those kind of comments from doctors nor does mine tell those things because she understands. I love our pediatrician!! I have her cell #, home #, and email address so I can get in touch with her at anytime and she doesn't make us come back in and sometimes we don't go in at all unless she thinks we need to. She'll just call what we need in. She is very good and checking everyone out while we are there even if we are only paying for one:)

All that to say, I hope everyone feels better quickly!

Laura said...

I hope everyone gets better soon! Five of us just cycled through a stomach virus. Yuk.

Amanda said...

Hope your family feels better soon. We sent several kids home from daycare yesterday with only fevers.