Monday, August 31, 2009

UPDATE...on Munck life

6 days and counting!!! Baby Munck is still very happy safe and warm in the womb. Last Wednesday I was dilated to 3, and I'm still feeling very well at this point. I'll go back to the OB Wednesday...if Baby Munck hasn't made his/her grand appearance!

FedEx brought me a new phone...TODAY!!! I'm now the very happy owner of a new Palm, not like my old one this is a Palm Treo 755. I've had this one for about 5 hours and have now declared I like this one MUCH better!!!! My old phone never did turn up. Arthur kept a close eye on the activity and my old phone had 2 calls made from it to Georgia about 2 hours after it was missing. I'm happy Arthur canceled the service before to many calls were made.So all in all everything worked out OK, other than we had to pay for a new phone....that I really like!!!

The big stress was all the missing doctor phone numbers, and calendar with dates and times. I've got most of the doctor numbers now and part of the dates for our appointments. Last week was my BIG stress with 5 appointments and only remembering 2. Thankfully most of them called to remind us...Wesley had a recheck on his chin, I had an OB,dentist,and doctor consult, and Arthur had a doctors appointment. All in all it was a busy week, and not as stressful as I had imagined it to be...without a cell phone. Funny to think that only 5 years ago I didn't even own a cell phone, Arthur was the only one who had one. I find my cell phone to be like I said part of my brain :)

If I must be completely honest it's also the texting I love about my cell phone. It's fast to connect with someone for a few brief comments or questions. It's also been great to chat with Rosalie all the way in Canada. Now we don't have to try to fit in an email...when time permits. So, over the past few days I have missed texting Rosalie, chatting in text is much better than emails.

Now as far as the rest of the Munck Crew well they all seem to be very busy! We are trying to get back into the school swing...just wading in no big plunge taken yet. Elizabeth is getting ready for her ACT, and she started Art back 2 weeks ago. Amanda is thinking of taking her drivers permit test, and we think her rabbit Adeline is expecting. Rebekah is getting ready to start a sewing project for the new to come. Madison has been working for several weeks building and painting a he can drive. 4 Little boys have taken up a love for painting and any messy craft their sister will do with them :) Wesley well we just all keep an eye on him waiting for his next big another trip to the ER... like last Saturday, that's for another post. Me will I've just been trying to soak in all the children and the phases in which they are in, and being ever so thankful for each moment I have with them. Arthur...where to begin. Arthur just never stops for a moment these days. The kitchen project now done (pictures to come) then he moved on to the bathroom, and it's now 90% done as of today! (This house renovation has made for a very long summer, and taken much of the whole families time.) Mixed with all of this Arthur works at the store, is a great dad, loving husband, and worked on a list of other household things in the past few months...THANK you honey!!!

I have months worth of pictures to post and lots to tell...will it ever happen??? Who knows, I'm just playing it day by day. The renovation/makeover pictures I will share soon, we feel like we live in a new home!

LOOK for a GIVEAWAY coming!!!!!

Off to bed...wonder if Baby will come tonight...I'm not thinking so ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

On my mind...

What are you thinking right now???

This is what I'm thinking......

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Classics
(you need to click the link and look at the tasty flavors)

I'm pretty sure that 2 scoops of Pralines N Cream ice cream
wouldn't just make me happy,
but also make Baby Munck VERY happy!!!!!

I guess that's where we will
be headed after our
littles are in bed..........
you see there are some advantages
in being a BIG in our house.
Eating late night snacks with
The Pregnant Moma :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

12 days and counting down

My prayers have more than been answered, because Baby Munck is still safe inside and growing...or is it that I'm growing :) I will have to say that I really wondered if Baby was going to make his/her appearance on Monday. Lots of contractions and then they stopped. Today is also another record breaker day for me. Madison was born 12 days early, so it's official I would have had all 6 of my boys by now. Could that mean Baby Munck is a GIRL???

Either way we will be thrilled!!!!

Now for the record I thought I'd let you in on the fact that our 3 girls were ALL late, from 2 weeks to 8 days! Now this isn't something I've prayed about...having Baby Munck late I just never thought it could happen, but it could?!?

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment so we'll see what kind of progress I've made in a week. I feel well and if I have another few days or even a week, then that's just fine by's all in HIS timing!!! Thankful to be carrying a precious gift from God!

(Baby in picture is Wesley)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Memories Monday

August 1992
This is Elizabeth and I
in the backyard.
We had just bought our
house and had
lived here only a few weeks.
(the same house we still live in)

Elizabeth was 5 months old
and now she is 17 years old!
Had someone told me then that
Elizabeth was going to be
the oldest child of many siblings,
I would have thought yes, 4!

Now 17 years later it's hard
to not only believe that
much time has passed and
so quickly,
but also that we are expecting
Baby #10
in just 13 short days!

Sunday, August 23, 2009




Most people would think "No Big Deal" well it's a very big deal. Not because of the personal pictures, friends and family phone numbers, or the text...which are all things I'm sad about losing. It's a BIG DEAL because my cell phone held what my mind can't always retain....a calendar of dates and times to many doctors appointments for the next 6 months or more. Appointments for not just 1 person but 11 people...insert a very loud SIGH*** On top of this it held all our doctors names and phone numbers....another loud SIGH*** To my chagrin I hadn't backed up the data in my Palm cell in a long time...ugh! So, at this moment my human brain is longing for it's friend the handheld electronic brain, the one who so often says "Remember you have somewhere to be". Like Wednesday of this past week when I was still in PJ's and I hear my cell phone calendar ring it's reminder bell. I go and look at the calendar and it was telling me that Jonathan had a dentist appointment in 10 minutes...Yikes! Well having the wonderful husband I do he rushed home from work picked up Jonathan and ran him to the dentist, and they made it on time. Now you see why I need this piece of my brain....insert shallow low sigh*** Arthur cancelled the service on the phone temporarily and I'm not feeling it will be returned. Tomorrow will hold a day of making phone calls to many doctors to get dates and times for all the up coming appointments. I know that this week we have 5 appointments 2 of those appointments are on Wednesday, and that's as far as I can remember....the rest is a blur. For those of you who don't know me very well I'll let you in on something, I really like to be on top of things! Now as most know I'm 80% of the time late to everything...unless Arthur is coming along. Being late is one of my many flaws, and when I say late I mean 5 to 10 minutes. I do much better now that I have older kids to help, but just missing something all together isn't my nature. Well now that I have had a chance to vent about the lose of my Palm cell phone I feel much better. On to looking up doctors numbers and getting some sleep, so tomorrow I can regain back the part of my brain I lost :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Nesting...To Do List

Trying to keep it real....

Weeks ago I mentioned I was in the nesting mode and that I had lots to get done before Baby Munck arrives. Well I still have the To Do List and many helpers eager to help me accomplish getting things marked off that list. The only problem that I was having is getting "ME" eager and willing to get started. Oh we have done a few of the things on the list but there is still a slue more that could be done. I have looked around at our home and then at the things I have listed that "I'd" like to see accomplished before Baby arrives, I have seen that most of these things aren't truly pressing or of the utmost importance. Yes, they are all things "I" would like to have done but they could be done just as easily once Baby Munck is here. This great revelation didn't just come to me but it was spoken to me through my sweet husband. Arthur ask me if these things were really that important...important enough to get me stressed if they weren't accomplished. In my structured organized world YES these things seemed very important. Then Arthur ask me the question that hit home..."where did my list come from "ME" or had I prayed about my list and was it impressed upon me from the LORD". The answer was on the piece of paper in front of was "MY" list! That day I decided that I would pray about the things on "my" list and then wait for the Lords direction. After several days I felt the Lord speaking to me to look around at our family. Our family wasn't the same family as it had been with baby #2, baby #5, or baby #7 it wasn't the same as it was with baby #9...because the dynamics of our family is different now. We now have children that range in age from 17 to 2 years, we are in a new chapter in our family life. We now have many who can cook, drive, clean, wash clothes, wipe a nose, mow, and the list goes on. So after reflecting on my list again my eyes were opened to the fact that much of the list isn't necessary. This cut "my" list to less than half of what was on it. The big thing I did feel very impressed from the Lord was to take time with my younger ones to snuggle a little more, read a few extra books, and just soak them in...all the time thinking I would be giving to them a little special time with me but I feel at times I have come away with more of a blessing. Sadly I have to admit the extra kid time wasn't on "MY" master TO DO LIST, shame on me!!!

Thankful I had a husband to guide me. Dying to self daily to see what direction the Lord wants us to take isn't always easy. Thankfully I hadn't plunged full force into "My" To DO List and had time to regroup, call upon the Lord then sit and wait on His direction being quite and listening.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...AMANDA

We love you!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One verb....

What one verb best describes you??? This has been my thought for the day among other things???

Today I'm 19 days away from my due date, and by now would have had all 4 of my last boys. James and Stephen came 21 days early, William and Wesley came 19 days early. I went to the doctor today and I was dilated to 2. So some progress is being made and my prayers have already been answered that I wouldn't go as early as I did with these boys...Praising the LORD!
In this August heat and protruding baby belly I sat and thought about what one verb would describe me best and I came up with the answer rather quickly.....


Sunday, August 16, 2009

A summer tradition...

Last summer we started a family
tradition that we have been happy
to carry on...
Sunday night dinner of Homemade Ice Cream!!!
We have lots of candy toppings,
and one can never forget to
help balance out the meal
with some fruit!

I believe we at the Munck House
are going to be very sad to see
summer go.
What about you what are some
summer time traditions you will miss
once the air begins to change
and fall is ushered in???

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet Words

I was sitting here today thinking about the countdown being on for Baby Munck to arrive. I was thinking about how much I truly enjoy being pregnant (even in this August heat) and how I will miss my large round belly. As much as I have loved all 10 of my pregnancies, I do believe that this pregnancy I've had someone love it almost as much as me (besides Arthur) sweet William.
With all my children over the years and pregnancies I have seen them excited and anxious to have a new brother or sister. What I see in William is very different. I still see the same excitement and anxiousness but it's also mixed with an unbelievable love for Baby Munck. I don't think he remembers when I was pregnant with Wesley or when we brought Wesley home from the hospital. So this seems to be all new for William. Here is the conversation William and I have...........

W: Mama, I love your belly. (as he's rubbing my tummy)

Me: Thank you, William.

W: Mama, I love your baby too. (still rubbing)

Me: William I know this baby is going to love you very much! (as I pat his back)

W: Do you think your baby is going to love me the most?

Me: I think this baby will love you all but, it will love that you are it's big 4 year old brother!

W: I think it will love me to cause I'm going to hold it and kiss it. (now his head is resting on my tummy and he's still rubbing)

Me: Yes William the baby is going to love you BIG Bunches! (as I give him a hug)

Then within minutes William is very happy and marches off to play again. William's playing never last to long that he isn't back and we have the SAME conversation ...AGAIN! At times it almost seems like we have rehearsed it. You would think by now I'd be tired of hearing this same thing over and over all day long but I'm not tired of it at all. Truly this is one of the highlights of my day and something that I will very much miss after Baby Munck is born....Sweet words from a precious Boy!

I guess the next best thing is going to be watching William holding Baby Munck and talking sweet words to him/her. Yes, I'm sure that will be a beautiful sight and sound!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Memories Monday

Memories Monday

Spring 2005

What did Stephen have on his head???
If, you guessed underwear than your right!

My mother purchased Stephen some underwear when we told her that we were thinking about potty training him. He love the new undies but wanted to keep his diaper. So, for the first few days we talked up potty training and the new underwear. He began to warm up to the idea of wearing his new underwear but liked wearing his new "undies" on his head the most! We didn't care for the undies on his head so we put them away until he was ready...but some days we would still catch him playing with them on his head again. He truly thought they made the coolest mask :) After a few weeks Stephen decided he really liked the underwear and wanted to be a big boy and wear them in their rightful place. With the underwear in the right place it left him without a mask ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009