Monday, August 10, 2009

Memories Monday

Memories Monday

Spring 2005

What did Stephen have on his head???
If, you guessed underwear than your right!

My mother purchased Stephen some underwear when we told her that we were thinking about potty training him. He love the new undies but wanted to keep his diaper. So, for the first few days we talked up potty training and the new underwear. He began to warm up to the idea of wearing his new underwear but liked wearing his new "undies" on his head the most! We didn't care for the undies on his head so we put them away until he was ready...but some days we would still catch him playing with them on his head again. He truly thought they made the coolest mask :) After a few weeks Stephen decided he really liked the underwear and wanted to be a big boy and wear them in their rightful place. With the underwear in the right place it left him without a mask ;)


Amy said...

LOL...this is a funny story. What a great memory to share especially with the one decides to marry:)

Chris in FL said...

BOYS!!! Gotta love them!!