Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet Words

I was sitting here today thinking about the countdown being on for Baby Munck to arrive. I was thinking about how much I truly enjoy being pregnant (even in this August heat) and how I will miss my large round belly. As much as I have loved all 10 of my pregnancies, I do believe that this pregnancy I've had someone love it almost as much as me (besides Arthur) ....my sweet William.
With all my children over the years and pregnancies I have seen them excited and anxious to have a new brother or sister. What I see in William is very different. I still see the same excitement and anxiousness but it's also mixed with an unbelievable love for Baby Munck. I don't think he remembers when I was pregnant with Wesley or when we brought Wesley home from the hospital. So this seems to be all new for William. Here is the conversation William and I have...........

W: Mama, I love your belly. (as he's rubbing my tummy)

Me: Thank you, William.

W: Mama, I love your baby too. (still rubbing)

Me: William I know this baby is going to love you very much! (as I pat his back)

W: Do you think your baby is going to love me the most?

Me: I think this baby will love you all but, it will love that you are it's big 4 year old brother!

W: I think it will love me to cause I'm going to hold it and kiss it. (now his head is resting on my tummy and he's still rubbing)

Me: Yes William the baby is going to love you BIG Bunches! (as I give him a hug)

Then within minutes William is very happy and marches off to play again. William's playing never last to long that he isn't back and we have the SAME conversation ...AGAIN! At times it almost seems like we have rehearsed it. You would think by now I'd be tired of hearing this same thing over and over all day long but I'm not tired of it at all. Truly this is one of the highlights of my day and something that I will very much miss after Baby Munck is born....Sweet words from a precious Boy!

I guess the next best thing is going to be watching William holding Baby Munck and talking sweet words to him/her. Yes, I'm sure that will be a beautiful sight and sound!


Amy said...

This is so sweet! I feel the same way with Emma and her little sayings. She has been so different than the boys with this pregnancy. They have always longed for the baby and wanting their new brother or sister but not in the same personal way that Emma has. I love pregnancy too. I wish I could not worry about the weight so much and if I will lose it all and enjoy it even more. This is just a personal issue that I seem to struggle with since the 3rd pregnancy...I think. Anyway, I love the tummy and the kicks and movements. Can't wait to hear about baby Munck! I am supposing your doctor's appt went fine the other day since I didn't hear from you.

Beth said...

AHHH!!!! My girls loved me being pregnant with Brady! They look at the pictures we had made and, esp Bella, will comment that Brady was in my tummy in those pictures!!!

Can't wait to "meet" baby Munck soon!

Laura said...

How sweet! Can't wait to see pictures of William loving on the baby. :)

Chris in FL said...

How sweet is that!!! Sounds like your boy is such an encourager at heart. I have a son just like this. He loves to come up to me and rub on me (don't have a belly no more) and say sweet, sweet words. He knows how to show love to his mama.

Your little William's future wife, is going to be a very blessed woman.


JennyH said...

Awe! What a great big brother to the new baby he will be! That is so sweet.

I'm glad you loved being pregnant. I was not a preggo lover. Especially in the August heat. I'm not sure how I survived!

Enjoy your last part of this pregnancy.

Heather, Stan and the kids said...

just wanted you to know jenna about cried when she saw this picture of william...she still misses him so much! awesome story-so sweet! we are praying for these last days of pregnancy friend!

Theresa said...

So sweet, now I am crying. I am anxiously waiting to click on your blog and see Baby Munck.

We are back from KY with an addition to our family. I will blog later this week when I recover from the trip.

Thinking of you and praying for you! Love T

sherriknits said...

this brought such a big smile to my face. It reminds me of my son Ben when he was a little boy. :)

Anonymous said...

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