Monday, August 31, 2009

UPDATE...on Munck life

6 days and counting!!! Baby Munck is still very happy safe and warm in the womb. Last Wednesday I was dilated to 3, and I'm still feeling very well at this point. I'll go back to the OB Wednesday...if Baby Munck hasn't made his/her grand appearance!

FedEx brought me a new phone...TODAY!!! I'm now the very happy owner of a new Palm, not like my old one this is a Palm Treo 755. I've had this one for about 5 hours and have now declared I like this one MUCH better!!!! My old phone never did turn up. Arthur kept a close eye on the activity and my old phone had 2 calls made from it to Georgia about 2 hours after it was missing. I'm happy Arthur canceled the service before to many calls were made.So all in all everything worked out OK, other than we had to pay for a new phone....that I really like!!!

The big stress was all the missing doctor phone numbers, and calendar with dates and times. I've got most of the doctor numbers now and part of the dates for our appointments. Last week was my BIG stress with 5 appointments and only remembering 2. Thankfully most of them called to remind us...Wesley had a recheck on his chin, I had an OB,dentist,and doctor consult, and Arthur had a doctors appointment. All in all it was a busy week, and not as stressful as I had imagined it to be...without a cell phone. Funny to think that only 5 years ago I didn't even own a cell phone, Arthur was the only one who had one. I find my cell phone to be like I said part of my brain :)

If I must be completely honest it's also the texting I love about my cell phone. It's fast to connect with someone for a few brief comments or questions. It's also been great to chat with Rosalie all the way in Canada. Now we don't have to try to fit in an email...when time permits. So, over the past few days I have missed texting Rosalie, chatting in text is much better than emails.

Now as far as the rest of the Munck Crew well they all seem to be very busy! We are trying to get back into the school swing...just wading in no big plunge taken yet. Elizabeth is getting ready for her ACT, and she started Art back 2 weeks ago. Amanda is thinking of taking her drivers permit test, and we think her rabbit Adeline is expecting. Rebekah is getting ready to start a sewing project for the new to come. Madison has been working for several weeks building and painting a he can drive. 4 Little boys have taken up a love for painting and any messy craft their sister will do with them :) Wesley well we just all keep an eye on him waiting for his next big another trip to the ER... like last Saturday, that's for another post. Me will I've just been trying to soak in all the children and the phases in which they are in, and being ever so thankful for each moment I have with them. Arthur...where to begin. Arthur just never stops for a moment these days. The kitchen project now done (pictures to come) then he moved on to the bathroom, and it's now 90% done as of today! (This house renovation has made for a very long summer, and taken much of the whole families time.) Mixed with all of this Arthur works at the store, is a great dad, loving husband, and worked on a list of other household things in the past few months...THANK you honey!!!

I have months worth of pictures to post and lots to tell...will it ever happen??? Who knows, I'm just playing it day by day. The renovation/makeover pictures I will share soon, we feel like we live in a new home!

LOOK for a GIVEAWAY coming!!!!!

Off to bed...wonder if Baby will come tonight...I'm not thinking so ;)


Ruby's Mom said...

Neat new phone:)I also got to get a new phone recently that is much easier to text from than my old phone was.So excited for you and the pending arrival of the new baby Munck!

Amy said...

So excited to hear the news. Thanks for checking in with us who were all wondering if you had the baby. I'm going to the midwife today and well see if anything is happening. I am going to let her start encouraging labor aka stripping the membrane. Hasn't really worked before but it has hurt either. Rob told the baby last night that earlier would be better for us than later this time. We'll see. It always seems to happen very conveniently for dad each time. We have a lot going on closer to the due date and so who knows what will happen. I will keep you updated as well.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Glad you got a new phone!!! I would feel SO lost without mine! Not too sure what I would do, especially since we have no home phone! LOL We're waiting waiting waiting for that baby... GIRL! ;)

Christine said...

I'm glad you got a new phone, they really are a lifesaver these days. :)
I have to admit, everytime I see your blog highlighted on my feed reader, to let me know you have new content, I wonder if this is it. :) I can't wait for your new little one to arrive. Joshua will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and I finally feel like we have crossed over into much smoother times. Sleep is finally coming and the smiles are here to stay. :)
Christine @ Live to Learn

Theresa said...

I have one of those "pay for the minutes" phones. It's usually not even charged. Appointments are on the huge calendar on the frig.

Posted some school pics. Today was our first day back.

Thinking of you. Love T

Amanda said...

It's great to hear about all the things that your kids are up to. It sounds very busy. I'm glad the baby is still healthy, and all is going well for you. New electronic toys are always fun to play with. :)

misslynda said...

I LOVE how computers in cell phones have enhanced our lives. I often wonder if those of us - - (me and those my age) - - appreciate them more than teenagers & early twenty somethings. I remember waiting a week for letters in the mail (longer for overseas mail)- - expensive long distance calls - - - party lines.

I thought only first babies had you stay dilated for a few weeks. I thought repeats came real soon after dilation started. I learned something today.

Beth said...

What a great update! Glad to hear everyone is doing so well! Love the ultrasound pic!!!! Babies are just wonderful....if only they could stay that small for a bit longer - I just love holding them!!!