Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The joys of a creek

There are many joys that come with having a creek in your backyard like...

Camping in your own backyard with a fire pit right next to the creek, so when it's dark you can make smores.

The fun of watching your dog play and drink out of the creek.

The sound of the water flowing over the rocks as it pushes down stream. All of these are great but, there are a few other things that come along with having a creek in you backyard like....


Remember last week when I said I wish it would stop raining and that our ground couldn't handle any more water.....WELL I WAS RIGHT!
This was our house/yard on Saturday afternoon. We have lived here for 17 years so this isn't the first flood we have been through and certainly not the worst. Thankfully in all our years here we have never gotten water in our house, but it's been in our pool a time or two. On this day we weren't home when the flooding started we where at the Mennonite farm purchasing our bunnies. Our sweet neighbor Lonnie called us and then came over and started to move our mowers and etc to higher ground. Arthur drove us home in record time. By early evening the water started to go down and all that was left was a mess!

The clean up isn't fun and Arthur started on it right away. Clean up calls for lots of bleach, pressure washing, and throwing away water damaged items.
Thankfully we have had beautiful blue skies for the past 2 days, the ground is drying, and the boys can by tomorrow play in the yard without the fear of a squish under their feet :)


Amy said...

WOW!!! Glad it went down quickly. Looks like a fun backyard when it is dry:)

Oh BTW, do you have problems with snakes when this happens?

Esther Penner said...

Looks like you got lots of moisture. But then with all the heat you have during the summer the ground must be able to handle a fair bit,but this looks like abit to much. Thankfully you didn't get it into your house.

misslynda said...

The creek is soooo pretty. I guess there would not be a way to build an attractive natural-lookinglevee, would there?