Friday, September 18, 2009

Kitchen ...BEFORE

Warning this is a crazy post. Some how my picture was erased after I wrote about it, so I just went in and added it back to the post... now it's at the top. The writting to go with it is further down the post. Call this a post from a mom that's trying to play blog catch up and doesn't have time to fix it what we like to call the "right"way :) Just happy to have a few free minutes to play blog catch up...Enjoy!

Remember back 4 months ago when we started our kitchen remodel? Well it's finally finished!!! OK to be totally honest 90% of it was finished when the Pauls came to visit in July. We still had trim work to do, a main wall to mud and paint (the wall the tub needed to go though), and we were waiting on our stove which came in while the Pauls were visiting.

Here are a few pictures of the process. If, you go back to THIS POST you can see what our kitchen and dining room looked like before.

The old cabinets, floor, and yucky paneling/wallpaper...not missing the old kitchen!

Oops! out of order..this was the kitchen before the cabinets were pulled out.

The computer area in our old kitchen and the opening to the girls bedroom off the kitchen. The plastic was there to keep out the dust from the ceiling, where Arthur was cutting holes for the can lights.

Elizabeth and Rebekah putting some back work into getting the old floor pulled up.

Picture now at top of post..Wheee...see Wesley running on the side. Here you can see we have the walls painted green, the back wall is the wall that we just finished in August. That wall had to be pulled back down to put the new shower in place. Down the hall you can see the new flooring waiting to be laid. We still had the old wood floor to pull up in the dining room area that you see. The white table and stools are where we ate for a few months. We also had the joy of eating outside on our patio tables by the pool...we were thankful we did the remodel in the summer. If, you ask my kids they would tell you the kitchen remodel wasn't bad but they sure did get tired of sandwiches :)

Elizabeth was taking a little break from helping lay the new floor, with 5 of us working on the floor we had it laid in less than a day.

This was the day our new cabinets arrived!!!! We all were so excited, it seems this was the day that the kitchen truly began to take shape.

This post/update is long over due. The summer was busy and full keeping me from posting lots of our happenings. Pictures of the new kitchen are coming in the next post and are already uploaded...check back this afternoon for the finished kitchen!

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Amy said...

Looks great! I hate it when I accidently delete a picture during a post. Man oh man...understand why you just put it at the top of this one:) Lots going on right now!