Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our life....

This is how our day went today, along with an update on Baby Munck. We started our morning off at 6:30 AM with family devotions. Then 7:15 AM it was a mad rush for everyone to get ready for the day...a busy day! Elizabeth, Amanda, and Madison were ready and out the door by 7:50AM to head to work at Great Doggie Doos for the day. It was Rebekah's day to be home and her big task was to watch the little boys. Arthur started his day off working at the store and then by 8:45 AM he was back home picking me up for what was one long day. Off to Chattanooga we went first stop was to get my haircut at 9:30, then on to the Mall to look for a couple of things. By this time it was 11:00 Am and I was hungry so we grabbed lunch fast...DQ, yum a blizzard!!! Next we headed to Southeastern Salvage to look for a bathroom mirror, to go in the newly remodeled bathroom...we walked away empty handed. Then on to Sam's Club to pick up a few groceries. Not thinking it was going to be so busy we felt we had plenty of time, we'll Sam's was packed. We had our list and rushed around to get it all only to get to the check out and have to wait and wait and wait!!!! All the time checking my watch it was now 1:00 PM and I needed to be at my doctors appointment by 1:30 PM! We get to the van head to Cleveland and Arthur pulls into the parking lot at the doctors office at 1:32 PM...good thing Arthur was my chauffeur today cause the stress of time could have sent me into labor :) I check in and still feel stress because they weren't calling me right back. On any other day this would have been fine but I had scheduled to be at the dentist by 2:30 PM...I know what was I thinking??? (my sister said that I must be nesting, but outside the home) Well I sit in the lobby and wait until 2:10, thinking I'm going to miss my dentist appointment. My sweet husband all the while waiting in the van to run me to the dentist. So I begin to text him telling him if I'm not out by 2 :15 call the dentist. I get called back and I'm very excited.......Now on to Baby Munck

4 days
and counting

Baby Munck is still resting peacefully below my heart safe within the womb. I believe Baby is very comfy and content right there for the time being. Yesterday Baby was very active, then by evening Baby started to slow down with his/her movements. I was a little worried and went to bed early, for some much needed rest. Then this morning Baby was moving but not with the hard punches and kicks, with more of a sweeping motion. This had me wondering what's going on with Baby Munck?! Knowing I had an appointment today to see Linda the midwife I knew I could get answers then. Now in a room everything is checking out fine I had dilated very little from last week now I'm at a 3 1/2 to 4, but completely thinned out. The red flag for Baby Munck was slower movement and the fact that my tummy measured a little smaller this week than last. Linda said she felt I needed to have an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid. This is when I said..."can I come back after 3:00pm for that"? I'm sure their office staff thought I was crazy...good thing I've been going there since Elizabeth was born 17 years and my sister works there. Linda said yes I could come back after the dentist.

Arrived at the dentist at 2:35 PM, had the buttons removed from my Invisalign braces and picked up my retainers. Now after 11 months in Invisalign braces to align my bite to help my TMJ, I'm done and my TMJ is so much better! This was one more thing marked off the list before Baby Munck arrives. Pulled out of the dentist at 3:07 PM and headed back to the's wonderful they are only a few miles apart.

Back to Baby Munck...

Arthur and I go in for the ultrasound. The lady that preforms the ultrasounds is Robin, she is really good. Robin is the one who found all the markers for Down Syndrome on Jonathan, and sent us on to the specialist. Anyway she looked baby Munck over and said Baby looked great, and that my fluid was fine. I could tell yesterday that Baby Munck had changed positions and Arthur had made the comment that my tummy didn't look as big. This was the case Baby is getting into delivery position and is just fine. The most precious thing was Baby Munck sucking his/her thumb, and I mean going to town. His/her chubby checks and sweet lips around it's thumb so tight...oh I can't wait to hold Baby Munck in my arms!!! We spoke with Linda after the U/S and she said that if I wanted we could go on to the hospital and she would induce me. At this point Baby is ready and I'm at a stage that's very inducible. We choose not to be induced and wait out for God's timing. Linda said OK, but that when it's time it should go fast and I better give her time to get to the hospital:) So we're still waiting and I feel well.

Arthur and I left the doctor and went to the bank. Our next stop was to the store to help out the children who had worked so hard to man the store this crazy day....although they really could do it in their sleep. It's so wonderful that they can work together as a team...thanks Elizabeth, Amanda, and Madison it was peace of mind knowing you all were doing so well! We went in and tried to help with a few loose ends and phone calls. Closing time was approaching and we all left the store at 5:35 PM for home.

Rebekah had done a fantastic job with the boys today, which is such a blessing. They played outside, colored, read, swam, and she gave the smallest a bath and the bigger ones had a shower. She managed to dust and do a few chores too. Dinner was cooking and only 20 minutes away from us eating. Thank you Rebekah for all your hard work, and I love that it comes so naturally to you!

After dinner the girls baked cookies to take over to Grammy and Papaw's house, it was his birthday. Arthur, the 4 bigs, and James went to visit them around 7:00 PM and do a little work at their house. This day wore me out and the littles missed me so we stayed home tonight. We had a few of the girls cookies for a snack and then read some books before bed. The rest of the family came in around 9:45 PM and off they all went to bed. Now I sit here and blog in a very quite house :)

Thanking the Lord for this day and for His grace...Praise be to God!!!


Lyndi said...

Glad to hear all is still well with momma and baby. But, I can't wait to see pics of him/her and find out it's name!!!!

Amy said...

Well you did have a busy day. I had a few signs of labor but now nothing!!! I emailed you yesterday but now I see that you were too busy for that for sure:) Glad you are doing well and that baby checked out great. Can't wait to hear the news and would love for it to happen at the same time as mine:) ! I felt kindof like you yesterday. I had a huge since of urgency and felt like I needed to get a lot of things done. Rob came home for lunch to help me out and of course once I got it done the urgency was gone:(

Email me when you get a chance.

Amanda said...

I'm happy to hear that you are all still doing well. Sounds like a very very very busy day.

Beth said...

How exciting!!!!! I am glad baby is doing well and getting ready! Such excitement!!!! I agree with not being induced - Baby will come when Baby is ready!!!!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I could feel the stress as I read your post. Thank the Lord you had a time of quietness in the end. What a great family you have to help out like that. Shows fruit of your training when they were young. Look forward to seeing what Baby Munck is!

misslynda said...

What phenomenal teamwork your family exhibits. I like reading about that.

Theresa said...

It's the DQ I'm telling you. She is holding out for more!

Sitting on the edge of my seat to hear the news! Love you, t