Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ruth Ella...1 Week

It's hard to believe a week has already passed
since Miss Ruth Ella was born.
She is a very sweet baby and loves her sleep.
It's also hard to believe we have so much
in our house again, since it's been 14 years
between Rebekah and Ruth Ella.
I truly thought all I'd be seeing was
forever, not thinking we would
be blessed with another little girl.

On February 6th I wrote the post
today I sit and think about all that I wrote.
Every word from the heart telling of
why we have the number of children we do.
I read it today and cried because
each word written can't truly
express to you the love and joy we have been
given through the blessing of our children!
Today I'm rejoicing and praising the Creator of life!
Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!
Philippians 4:4


Laura said...

I loved that post, and Ruth Ella is beautiful! I'm so happy for your whole family. :)

misslynda said...

All of us are blessed by your children! Your family truly enriches our lives with their smiles, genuine sincerity of care, and their love for Jesus. Thank you for letting us share them.

Beth said...

She couldn't be cuter!!!!!

Amy said...

Ruth Ella is precious! I lovedyou "Why so many" post. I am encouraged by you family. Love seing how everyone works together at home and at work sharing in the responsiblities.

JennyH said...

Congrats!! She is so pretty and I love the hair.

I'm impressed with the fact that you just had a baby but still you have several new blog posts! Hope your getting plenty of rest.

Congrats to the whole fam!

Amanda said...

Your children are all precious. I'm so glad to know your family. I'm also excited for you that you that you have pink in the house again. ;)

Christina said...

It's been so long that I didn't even know you were prego! And if I did, I had forgotten! OMG, congrats!!! She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Michelle said...

I loved that post; you are blessed with a big beautiful family! I can't believe she's already a week old - it looks like she's waving in that pic :)

tlstaz6543 said...

She is absolutely precious. I want to come see you guys Saturday...txt me when you have a free moment or two and let me know if the timing would be bad. love yall!!


Chris in FL said...

She is so cute!! I felt like you about having all pink with Ana after 4 very rowdy little boys. My span was 9 years. I couldn't imagine....14 yrs!! LOL

You know, Ana is 7 mos now and I still look at her and say "I can't believe I have another little girl". :)

Ruby's Mom said...

Ruth Ella is beautiful!!!!