Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wesley and his Book

Wesley is so excited about his new baby sister. That he wants to keep reading this book over and over again. My Aunt Karen and Uncle Bill gave me (Elizabeth) this book when Amanda was born. It has now been passed down nine times. I am surprised it still has all the pages and is readable! I pray this will not be the last time it is handed down.
Thanks be to God for our precious new baby sister!
It is only nine in the morning and I now have this book memorized:)


Lyndi said...

Elisabeth, what a sweet sweet spirit you have.

With my growing family, I always worry about how it affects the oldest, and seeing you say you hope this book gets passed down again, just brought tears of happiness and peace to my eyes.

Thank you for your words, they were very encouraging!

Beth said...

Love it!!!! Congratulations again to you all!

Selena said...
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