Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wesley's loves....

Wesley at the first of the year came across a baby doll of Rebekah's. Wesley decided that this doll could be his new buddy, and took up with the doll father fast. Wesley treated her as a friend.

Wesley liked to have Janie sit in his high chair with him and feed her.

When we left for our Canada trip Janie was waiting at the door to get loaded into the RV, and Arthur turned around and said "Janie is staying home"! Wesley had his bunny so he didn't really need Janie. We never worried about Wesley playing with Janie because he mainly wanted to feed her and carry her around by her hair :)

Wesley also likes to sleep with Janie (thankfully Amanda found some boy clothes for Janie to wear and we tried to change her name but Wesley really likes Janie). This picture was taken of Wesley back in May, most nights this is how we would find Wesley sleeping. You can see Janie over against the wall. So what does all this mean????

It means that now Wesley has a "live" baby!

This was the second time Wesley came to see Ruth Ella in the hospital. Elizabeth brought Wesley, William, and Stephen on the second day to see Ruth Ella a little better. Wesley was very taken with Ruth Ella.

Wesley and William wanted to take off Ruth Ella's socks to see her feet. They were all about this moving baby.

Wesley grabbed her foot right away and began to laugh, this was much better than Janie!

Next Wesley proceeded to put his hands on her cheeks and say "getcha getcha getcha BABY"!
Wesley was in love!!!!


Amy said...

SUPER SWEET!!!! Can't wait to see the continuation:) Looks like our smallest love new litte ones in our house. I think it is so cute even though I nhave to watch them so closely with the new baby!

Amanda said...

That's just precious!

Beth said...

AWWWW!!! So sweet!!!

Sunny said...

Its been awhile since I've been able to catch up on my blogging friends. Congratulations on the birth of Ruth Ella. She is so beautiful. I bet it is so fun to have another little girl - although I must admit I biased when it comes to little girls:)

And your kitchen turned out amazing. What a big project to take on yourselves.

I hope you are finding lots of time to cuddle your precious little addition.

Theresa said...


Momma Bug said...

What a sweet family you have!

That little Ruth Ella - she's the cat's pajamas:-)

The Mayo 10 said...

Congratulations on your sweet new baby gift...Ruth Ella! What a beautiful baby?
We have been "blogger friends" if you will for a while...we have been blogger friends of the Paul's for a while. We are not too great at new tech and have had problems commenting for some reason anyway along w/ business of life have not left them for a while! So...we wanted to congratulate yall and say hello!
My hubby is a original southerner...Bama! We will be traveling south soon for the first time in a while...we are in WI.
The Mayo family

ABandCsMom said...

I've been meaning to comment about how you came to know us in the first place. Through care pages. How cool that our paths have crossed yet again! We have certainly appreciated each and every prayer for our little Carly. I'm one who believes that those prayers are the reason that we still have Carly with us today. I love your blog. Love the pictures. And, I'm very jealous that you have a newborn in your house! :o)