Wednesday, October 21, 2009

31 for 21

Journal entry #6
Surgery time

Daddy arrived at the hospital right as I was getting back to my room from seeing you. Daddy and I sat down and began to pray for the surgeons hands and wisdom for him to be guided by the Lord. After some time Grand Daddy and Grandma Charlotte came down to the hospital. Daddy had called as many people as he could before he left for the hospital. The prayer chain at church was going and those who Daddy missed Grammy called. You have many prayer warriors lifting you up to our Lord. About a hour after your surgery started Lonnie arrived at the hospital (our neighbor who we have adopted as our children's grandfather). They all stayed until your surgery was over. We sat in my hospital room talking and praying. Time was ticking and they called us from the O.R. twice to let us know all was still going well. Your surgery took a little longer than what they had originally thought it would. It started at 9:30PM and we got the final call from the O.R. at 1:00AM to tell us they were starting to close then. They had you back in the recovery area by 1:45 AM and we all came down to see you. We went in 2 at a time first Daddy and I we stood and looked at all the new machines and gadgets that were hooked up to you. The moment almost seemed surreal.

More tomorrow this one is a tough one...


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing your heart with us!!

Amanda said...

I feel like I'm reading small pieces of a novel each day I read about Jonathan's early days. Thanks for sharing.

Sunny said...

Antalya had duodenal atresia also. We found out at 31 weeks. Did you have to have fluid reductions too? I had to go in 1-2 a week and have the excess fluid taken out to prevent me from going into preterm labor.

I am so grateful for modern medicine and skills hands of surgeons. When I think that if Antalya had been born several decades before she was, that she wouldn't have lived, I feel so much gratitude that we are both here on earth now and that she is healthy and alive (was Jonathon's a complete duodenal atresia or partial? Antalya's was complete - the intestines and stomach weren't connected at all.)