Tuesday, October 13, 2009

31 for 21...day 13

Journal entry #1
Life with Down Syndrome & many questions?

Jonathan Michael Munck
was born at 12:03 AM
October 9, 1998 (8 weeks early)

With a room full of nurses and doctors ready for you to enter into this world, you made your grand entrance. When Dr. Adair turned you around to allow your daddy and I to see you, I knew it you were perfect. A true gift from the Lord....fashioned by the Potter. So many people had prayed for you and this day over the past several months. We have known for many months that you were going to be special and have Down Syndrome. But I had wondered were they right, could they have made some kind of mistake. So for months I prayed that God would give me a sign of some kind, and that the doctors not have to again confirm that indeed you had Ds. Dr. Adair handed you over to Daddy and I to hold. We were only allowed to hold you a short 2 or 3 minutes before you were taken away to NICU. In those few minutes we looked at you and marveled at our new son our perfect gift, and then it happened. You turned your small face up towards Daddy and I then stuck out your tiny tongue and opened your eyes. That was the sign that I had prayed for all those months...in your face we saw your precious almond shaped eyes and tiny pointed tongue. Daddy and I looked into each others eyes and without words we both knew, you were blessed with a little something extra...giving us more to love. We kissed you and you were taken from our arms to NICU. Even though Daddy and I have known you could have Ds and also you would need surgery it didn't prepare us for the long night after you were taken to NICU....so many questions and we longed to be with you.

Until tomorrow.....


Amy said...

So sweet adn heartfelt...it made me tear up reading it. Am I going to need to have my tissue ready for each of these next post? I had similar thoughts and expectants with Cade when they told me that he had a cleft lip and palate at the 19 weeks ultrasound and then waited for the birth experience. I had time to research about cleft lip and palates and see children with that but it still did not prepare me for the day that I met my son. Oh love I had for him, when I held him in my arms for the first time not matter how he looked!

Beth said...

Wow...I can't wait until tomorrow!

misslynda said...

I love being with you - - - whether in person or in words. You inspire us.

Selena said...

Loving your post Laura..thank you for sharing your journal.

Michelle said...

thanks for deciding to share your journal ... I'm looking forward to reading it!

Raisingarrows said...

What a blessing to be given that moment w/ your son where God let you know and no one had to tell you. Thank you for doing the 31 for 21.