Thursday, October 1, 2009

31 for 1

October is Down Syndrome awareness month.
Last year I participated in the 31 for 21
challenge to post something daily for or about Ds.
It wasn't hard to do with a wonderful subject like Jonathan.
This year I just hope I can keep up ;)
For those who don't know much about Ds,
this will be a great month for you to learn.
On my sidebar you will see the
31 for 21 logo, and if you click on it
then it will take you to other families posting for Ds.
Why the name 31 for 21???
Down Syndrome is also know as
Trisomy 21.
Those who have Ds have an extra copy of
chromosome 21, making them have
3 copies instead of 2.
So 31 being the days in October
and the 21 standing for what makes those
with Ds so unique :)
This picture was taken of Jonathan back in July.
He was enjoying a nice evening outside
painting with his siblings.


Mrs. Tara said...

oh my sweet friend.......... I think a great posts would be him and ALL his stuffed friends! especially his elephants.

Living In His Blessings said...

How special it must be to raise a unique child like Jonathan. He must be such a blessing to your home. We pray that the Lord will grant you the needed strength to raise this little arrow for Him