Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6 weeks gone....

Ruth Ella
6 weeks old

I'm not sure how 6 weeks can fly
by so quickly but it has.
At times it feels as though Ruth Ella
was just born. Then there are
those moments I can't remember
what life was like without her.
We are all enjoying her so much
and there are times I feel I
could just eat her up with a spoon,
she is so sweet.
Oh the fragrance of her hair,
the soft texture of her skin,
the gleam in her big blue eyes,
and since last week...
her beautiful smile.
Those are just a few things
I love so much about
Miss Ruth Ella!


Amy said...

Beautiful little Ruth that bow in her hair! Yep, Asa is being promoted to his baby bed and room tonight from my bed. We have moved the girls out for a few nights to let him learn to sleep through the night the others at his age. We'll see how it goes. He shouldn't have too much adjusting because he only got up once any way. Give her a kiss for me.

Amanda said...

We start accepting children at the daycare at 6 weeks. Can you imagine having to leave that precious one in daycare all day everyday?

Theresa said...

I know. Where does the time go. I was reminiscing the other night and practically in tears that my babies are so grown already. Where does the time go?

The Coopers said...

That little Ruth Ella is so beautiful, I know you are truly proud of her and all your children.

It truly is crazy when you think how fast our little ones grow.. I look at my little twins and think how has 6 months flown by already? They went this morning to get their RSV shots and they weighed them..our little Beatrice who was 2lb 5oz is now 11lb 13oz..and our Olivia who was 2lb 11oz is now 13lbs..Oh my goodness!!

Christine said...

She is so beautiful! The hair bow is adorable. :)
Christine @ Live to Learn

Chris in FL said...

She is so beautiful!!! You are blessed!!