Monday, October 19, 2009

Memories Monday

Memories Monday & 31 for 21

August 2006
Wow, time flies by!!!

This is Jonathan and Amanda, they are really funny together. From the time Jonathan was a baby until he was about 8 years old Amanda babied him. Giving into his every want, even at times we instructed her not to or for her to get him to do things for himself. She really catered to him, telling us that she wanted him to live with her forever. We continued to tell her that one day he would take advantage of her and he really needed to learn to take care of himself. Well, the day came when Jonathan didn't act very nice to Amanda and she could tell he was getting the best of her by manipulating her. It was a true awakening for Amanda, and from that day on she changed the way she handled Jonathan. She loves him more than ever but now her love is shown by making him learn to do for himself, and not allowing him to act as though he can't. These are the times he runs to Sissy (Elizabeth) for attention and to get his way. Elizabeth just redirects him back to Amanda. Funny thing is now she can at times get him to obey and mind her better than the rest of us. Jonathan is Amanda's buddy meaning she fixes his plate at meals, makes sure he is ready and dressed properly (matching shoes on the right feet) when we are going out, and is his buddy when we are shopping etc. There are a few exceptions to this like when he hasn't been obedient and then he becomes Daddy's buddy...not a good thing. All in all we know Jonathan's tricks inside and out. Amanda makes him toe the line and keep on track. That's how she got her nickname...The Drill Sergeant. She is wonderful with Jonathan and his antics, they do make a good team :)

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