Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stephen's 7th Birthday

Yesterday was...
Stephen's 7th Birthday!!!
Stephen's birthday was army theme.
We have never done this theme before.
Our boys have been learning a lot
about World War II,
and how their Grand Daddy (Hal)
was in WWII.
Grand Daddy wrote a book several years
(Hal was a journalist)
before he passed away about
his life and much about his time in WWII.
After Stephen's birthday supper,
we were on to gifts.

James was giving Stephen his gift...
with the new haircut they
sure do look alike now.
They are 23 months apart in
age, but just about the same size.
James is taller and Stephen
built thinker with bigger feet!

I had to put Ruth Ella in the post,
she's really enjoying these birthday parties!
She gave Stephen a Minnie Mouse to
go along with the club house,
she felt like every clubhouse needs
a girl in it. Before we know
it she'll be playing with them to.

In one big breath Stephen blew out the candles.
He had a great birthday.



misslynda said...

I love the way your birthday themes carry into the gift wrapping, too. Do you decorate the cakes? They are always beautiful. It looks like Stephen had a great celebration!

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday, you big soldier! I love that little girl who popped in the picture!

Love T