Sunday, November 1, 2009

My apologies...

November is here and October is gone,
and so is
Down Syndrome Month!
I would like to offer my
sincere apologies
for not keeping up with the
31 for 21
commitment in October.
I feel I bit off way more
than I could chew.

I began posting from my journal
about the first days after
Jonathan was born. These journal writings
were about Jonathan's birth and surgery, but
also filled with the emotional journey that
the Lord was leading us down.
I will continue to write post over the
next few weeks from the journal.

I wasn't able to keep up the daily writings from the
journal because of well....
the 10 faces you see in the picture above.
9 of these sweet smiling faces
haven't kept me from writing daily.
Just 1 has the tiny one!
Amazing how this 1 tiny person requires
so much of her Mama's time.
It's also funny how quickly I forget
how much time goes into nursing a new baby.
Of course I wouldn't trade those
precious loving moments for the world!
The thing is with all the time spent
with Ruth Ella and being a little sleep deprived
I haven't had as much time
for those 9 smiling faces....
Elizabeth, Amanda, Rebekah,
Madison, Jonathan, James, Stephen,
William, and Wesley.
So I got behind on the blog posting because
when there are those spare moments
I've put the time into my wonderful husband
and those 9 smiling faces.
Now if you were keeping up with the
post about the journal I kept
when Jonathan was born then look for
posts titled
Our Jonathan Journey.
This week I will be writing a few new post
from the journal, but I will be taking it
slow. This time not placing myself on a time
frame in which I can't keep up with :)


Amy said...

No apologies needed...very understandable:)

misslynda said...

I have missed reading your posts because it's like a visit with you in person but your family is more important than your readers. Your children will grow and be gone before you know it. Make memories now with them while they are still home! They will carry those memories until they are past our current age.

Michelle said...

You sure don't need to apologize! I'm surprised you were even able to blog as much as you did with a newborn!

sherriknits said...

I agree, no apologies needed. I couldn't do it this year and I really wanted to ... I couldn't even commit to reading this year and last year it was so much fun to me. Different years, we'll be motivated more than's all good.

Your family is so beautiful!

Natalie said...

What a beautiful picture of all your lovelies.