Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vacation....November 10th

Tuesday a day to just hangout.....

Ruth Ella got tired of waiting for us to all get ready and feel asleep. This travel pillow worked well in place of her boppy pillow.

We stayed about 1 1/2 miles from downtown Disney and this is what we saw as we drove down that way. The Disney balloon flying high.

This trip tuckered little Miss Ruth Ella out. When we arrived at downtown Disney for a little looking she feel right asleep :) I just love slings!!!

We had a good time looking and touching all the store items. This satisfied everyone so we didn't even have to purchase anything...that's my kind of shopping!

The silly hat picture is a tradition each year, and each hat is very uniquely crafted.

Maybe one year we'll get another customer to take the picture and we can all be in it together.

As you can see our Tuesday was pretty low key, and some might say a bit boring. It helped us to recuperate from Monday at Magic Kingdom and rest up for Wednesday at Epcot.


Amy said...

Love the family pics. with hats!

Cinnamon said...

Ruth Ella is so adorable! We went to Epcot when we first got married, as we were married in Orlando. Epcot was an all day walking but we loved it!!

What a great family vacation and I love the little sling~


Michelle said...

Nothing wrong with having a down day to relax! Especially when you're visiting amusement parks - all that stimulation can get overwhelming!

What resort are you guys staying in?

JennyH said...

Those are great pictures. Down time can be good... especially with a bunch of kids!

Looks like fun.