Saturday, December 12, 2009

Look Daddy...

Hi Daddy!!!!
I miss you very much!!!!
Since your still in Canada we didn't want
you to miss out on my first
time sitting in my Bumbo seat.
So, Amanda took a picture of me while
sitting in my Bumbo,
and Mama talked to me to get me
to smile.
So, this smile is for you Daddy,
One more thing....
You know since I was born I liked sucking
on my fist and fingers if I could
get them in my mouth.
Well, Mama says she thinks I have
mastered getting my fingers into my mouth.
They taste so good and make a funny slurping
noise when I suck on them.
The best part is those tasty fingers help me
to calm down when I'm fussy,
isn't that great!
I'm only having one problem I can't figure out
which hand taste best the right or the left,
I think it's the right ;)
I'll see you in a few days Daddy. I can't wait to show you what a big girl I am in my Bumbo. After that we can have a little down time, I'll snuggle up on your shoulder in my cozy spot for a cat nap. While there I can show you how my fingers make that slurping sound. Tell all the Pauls "HI" from Mama, my siblings, and ME! Tell them we're still counting down the days until we see them...I believe I heard it's around 85 days. I'll finally get to meet my Canadian cousins (as we call them), Auntie Rosalie, and Uncle Mark. We'll see you at the airport Tuesday night Daddy, LOVE YOU!!!!


misslynda said...

That is so beautiful and precious! Her Daddy just had his heart miss her a bit more!

Cinnamon said...

Oh that is an adorable picture. My oldest dtr did that and it is precious~

Merry Christmas~ Cinnamon

Sammy Parris said...

How adorable! I know Dad is counting the minutes. I just wanted to drop a quick note to personally invite your family out to our Christmas Musical at our church. It starts at 6 pm. I know Arthur might be too tired, but I just wanted to invite you just in case.
God Bless You!
Sammy & Missy

Amy said...

This was an adorable, precious post!!! Oh btw, wished you lived closer because I would have loved to have you & your girls over for our Christmas Tea:)

Chris in FL said...

She is so cute!!! Love the pics

mommyx12 said...

How precious. The picture is a classic.