Saturday, January 31, 2009

Laundry just got easier!

Laundry is something we never seem to be short of around here, clean or dirty! The first of last year I wrote a post HERE about our washer and dryer. When Arthur and I got married Arthur had a washer and dryer that were only about 2 years new. We used then until just this past December. In the older post I spoke about wanting to wait until our laundry room was finished before we bought a new set. Our laundry room still isn't finished but is getting there. Some people say it would drive them crazy to not be finished, I really don't mind. I know how hard Arthur works and then comes home to work on our home projects. He could have been finished long ago, but I want him to spend time with the kids and I too. So a lot of the time we are the reason he doesn't get to work on his projects. Arthur went ahead and bought the new washer and dryer the first of December because the motor was going out of our washer again. Arthur said he didn't want to put more money into them. So now we have large capacity washer and dryer the ones of my dreams! I can finally keep up with laundry and not have piles waiting to be done, this just amazes me. The only thing I find sad is like kids with new toys I want to use them, the first few weeks I caught myself looking for things to wash :)

Arthur also put in a new hot water heater, it's a 75 gallon gas hot water everyone can get a hot shower before church :)

One half of our laundry room is the old laundry room(what you see in the picture) and the other half is the addition Arthur added on. So it truly has been a work in progress to tie in 2 different ceilings, walls, and floors. Now all Arthur has to do is put in the new attic stairs, put down the wood floor, mud/sand the sheet rock, build our cubbies/coat racks, and paint. Still sounds like lots to do but really I'm pleased with it just how it is.....I know that when it's finished I'll be speechless!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Bathroom Makeover

The first of December Madison and I tackled a bathroom makeover. You may remember this bathroom from a post I wrote early last year.... HERE . This bathroom has been in much need of a redo as you can see from the pictures below....


This is our hallway bathroom.

As you can see the wall paper was curling and peeling back. This wallpaper wasn't ever top quality, even though we paid top quality price for it 5 years ago. The boys loved the fish theme and we used it for many years, and even the prints were starting to fade.

Above the shower the paper was the worst from all the moisture. I tried several times to glue it back down, without much luck. In the process of the paper curling it also shrank, so even when glued down the paper wouldn't meet. Over the years we have wallpapered LOTS, but this paper was truly a nightmare. It took Madison and I only 2 hours to peel all the wallpaper off, it went really fast. Madison took all the electrical plates off, mirror, and the hooks for the curtains down while I worked on cleaning up before Arthur got home. This was a spur of the moment idea that Madison and I started around 3PM one afternoon. After we pulled the first few pieces of paper down Madison turns to me and says "did you ask Dad about us doing this bathroom". I had a sinking feeling and had to admit "NO". Madison looked like a deer in head lights, and said "you know what Dad's going to say don't you?" Madison then said " he'll say I already have to many projects started I haven't finished and now you just got us into another one"! I told Madison keep working and he was now my accomplice. This wasn't like me to start a home project without Arthur, we normally work as a team. For some reason that afternoon I picked a new team member and we got busy. Arthur's reaction when he got home was surprised, I think mainly that Madison and I did it all ourselves. Then he said well I guess we need to go get some paint.

TA-DA....the finished bathroom!

We choose to go green this time. We have lived here 16 years and this bathroom has always been done in blue. A green bathroom without a theme, this was a big change.

The bathroom seems very calming now and not as busy. William is the only one who I believe missed the fish theme. He always referred to the fishy bathroom as HIS!

This bathroom project cost us a total of........
*Rug $15.99
*Shower curtain $24.99
*Window shade $3.00
* Window curtain $14.99
* PAINT $7.00
(Paint was from Lowe's and we always go by the OOPs! paints that were mixed and then someone didn't like the color, it will save you lots of money. Each time we have bought paint this way we pick the color before we go and the Lord just seems to bless us with that color!)
We were able to makeover this bathroom for under $70.00 !
I was very thankful that Arthur didn't mind and had the bathroom painted by the next afternoon. The main reason we have waited to redo this bathroom is because Arthur really wants to pull out the old tub/shower and pull off all the old tile, placing in a new tub and sheet rocking the walls. Arthur said he was glad we went ahead and gave this old bathroom a face lift, which he says we just put a " Ban-aid" on it until we can do it the right way tearing it out down to the studs.
Until then we are enjoying the makeover :)

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 26, 2009

Memories Monday

Memories Monday........Spring 2007

Isn't science fun?! This was one of the girls hands on Science projects, the anatomy/dissection of the frog. These are times I'm thankful that Arthur helps me teach :) It's also nice when they do projects at our store...less mess at home.

Amanda and Rebekah really got into this project, literally! Elizabeth on the other hand wasn't to excited about touching the smelly dead frog. (Not sure why it bothered her, if you knew some of the things we have to clean up at the store... sorry that might be to much information) Anyway, Elizabeth did her part with taking notes and labeling all the parts.

It was a very neat project and one I hope Arthur will do with the boys, too.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wesley's first haircut

Wesley's First Haircut

Wesley just had his first haircut. It was long overdue, people where starting to mistake our sweet boy for a girl. Trust me if they were around him for long they would see he is ALL boy. My brother David had gotten to the point he was calling Wesley "Samson". So the time had come to cut those long Blondie locks.

Here is Wesley posing, waiting on his haircut. The night he received his first haircut I also cut all his brothers hair and Arthur's. We cut hair down at our store, Wesley is sitting on a grooming table covered by a towel.

This is why it was hard for me to cut his hair, I loved those few curls. If you know our family we all have very straight hair. I just wanted to keep the curls as long as possible.

Good bye to our Little Boy & Hello Big Boy !

Arthur helped hold Wesley still, and keep him calm. Wesley wasn't real sure about the whole haircut thing, or sitting on the grooming table.

Towards the end Wesley began to sit pretty still, as still as you can at 22 months. He was very good and we were all so excited to see the finished haircut.

Here you have it the NEW WESLEY!!!!

We gave Wesley a haircut much like Williams. Boy did it change his little face. We had a haircut celebration for Wesley when we returned home from the store. Arthur made his famous homemade milkshakes. I believe in these pictures Wesley is showing lots of smiles from his milkshake overload. He ate his and sampled some from each of our cups.
Now we have 5 big boys, and 1 little guy....not to be mistaken as a baby or girl again!

Post and Pictures....

I had some blog time this weekend, so I guess your wondering WHERE are the post ?! I decided to do some scheduled post to come out over the next several days. The first one will be of my favorites! So, keep checking in to see what's going on :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lots to say....

I don't have blogger block, and WE are still alive. This week I haven't felt the best (Rebekah & I never did catch the flu...thankfully) so, I've been in resting and loving on my kiddos. I have pictures to share and loads to say.....just not at this hour. I'm pretty sure if I posted much more than this it would come out like muck....sleep/rest will do me good. I hope to have some marathon blog time this week end, we'll see how that goes. I do promise a few pictures of what's been going on here over the past few weeks...besides sickness :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bringing Kellsey Home...fundraiser!

My good friend Renee is doing a fundraiser, to bring KELLSEY home. They are adopting sweet Kellsey who also happens to be blessed with a little something extra....Down Syndrome! Renee and Frank are in the thick of their paper work and adoption process. To help off set the cost for the adoption they are making the coolest necklaces for kids. Please go by Miss Kellsey's blog and check out the necklaces...made to order with any information you want on them....for ONLY $10.00!!!! All the proceeds go straight to Miss Kellsey's adoption! Click HERE to see some samples on Miss Kellsey's blog!

Jonathan loves his necklace, the first few days he wouldn't take it off. Renee made it with BOY colors and it contains all the information Jonathan couldn't communicate to someone if he got lost like...his name, address, parents name, my cell number, and Jonathan's medical information. I feel more comfortable knowing that if Jonathan wonders off (as he's been known to do) his new cool identification necklace will allow someone to help him get back to us FAST and SAFE!
Even if your not in the market for a one of a kind specialty necklace, I know the Garcia family would appreciate all your prayers in their adoption process!

You know you live in the SOUTH when....

You know you live in the SOUTH when....

they close school because it's to cold!!!

This is what happened all over the state of Tennessee on Friday. I'll admit it was cold for our area and dropped down to 6 degrees. Still there is a part of me that can't help but laugh, thinking what would our Canadian friends would think if they were here. I'm pretty sure they would think we were having some nice weather.....well just a thought!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pictures of the past...

Arthur just found several floppy disk with pictures on them, they were taken with the first digital camera we had. I could have cried when I saw these pictures and I'm so excited to have them. Not sure you all know but I LOVE pictures!!! I place very little value on "things" (I'm not a shopper or stuff person) but I really value pictures because it captures a time you can never go back to. So have a look at what was on the first disk........

This is Jonathan July 2000, a few days after he had his third stomach stomach surgery. Jonathan had just undergone a fundoplication, duodenal repair (second time), and placement of his first G tube. Look what a smiley face trooper he was...and still is. These pictures also take me back to a time in our lives that were very hard not just with Jonathan and his health but financially. It is a WONDERFUL reminder of faith, love, and prayers....and how the Lord used this time for growth in HIM. Now 8 years later these are a few of the things that shaped us into who we are today, and the walk we have with our Savior. Even in those days that were very difficult, God had His hand upon us and we had a peace in our hearts. It's easy to rejoice and praise Him when things are going our way, but it's another to rejoice and praise Him in the trials....we choose to rejoice and praise Him and HE carried us speaking peace along the way.

I'm truly amazed at how much Wesley looks like Jonathan. Wesley is now 22 months, so Jonathan is about the same age in these pictures as Wesley now.

This is Jonathan a couple months after he got his G tube, his little face was starting to fill out. I also thought it was funny he had on these pajamas. These pajamas were Madison's first and can you believe even Wesley has worn them. They have made it through 6 boys, it's true if they'd just stay little till their Carter's wear out !
I hope in the days to come to share a few more pictures from the old disk...if Arthur can recover them it's been a process.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sickness update

The family is on the mend, but not well yet. Arthur came back to work yesterday. All the boys are better from fever but still having coughs, runny nose, and 2 have sore throats. Elizabeth isn't quite herself yet, but is still helping hold down the fort. Jonathan now has a bad eye infection, poor boy. Madison came down to help at the store today, so I think he's feeling more like himself.

On Saturday night Amanda's body couldn't hold out any longer...she is now sick! Last night her fever was up to 104, I guess she'll be down for the next 5 to 6 days.

Now Rebekah and I are the only ones who haven't been hit by the sick bug...praying we remain that way.

It's hard to believe this is January 13th, and this nasty flu has been in our home since December 31st. What a way to start out 2009! Glad the Great Physician is taking care of us:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

LIFE...where has the week gone?

It's Thursday afternoon and I wonder where the week has gone? I uploaded these pictures last night from home but was to tired to write the post. We are done with our grooms for the day. All we have left is a little clean up and daycare pick up. So I thought I 'd put in a few words with the pictures, mixed with an update.

I have worked at the store all week with Amanda and Rebekah. We have held out and remained well. As, of today everyone is in the 99.6 temperature range, except Stephen who is still 101. I'm not getting my hopes up we have seen this with several of them over the past few days and at night their fevers are back up to 101 and above. Arthur was fever free yesterday for the first day in 7 days, but still has a bad cough and no energy. The boys are about the same no appetite, cough, runny nose, and random fevers....making them tired and VERY cranky. Wesley has been a real pistol and can't sleep and is hard to keep him satisfied. I spoke to Arthur earlier he said that Wesley had a better morning. Elizabeth has been fever free for 2 days and better than the boys, yet has little energy. Today was her first art class since the holidays. She felt well enough to go, but came home with a head ache and not feeling well...I believe she over did it. We have heard of many people with this strain of flu and it's hard to get over, and some have gone back to work to soon and relapsed. Arthur is biting at the bit to come back to work, other than cancer/chemo I don't think he's ever been home this long. I told Arthur I'd finish out this week at the store, that way we'll know he's well.

Pictures of home from this week.

Our friend Wes knows how our kids LOVE boxes and dropped off 2 huge boxes this week. They decorated the boxes and made them into houses. This has kept them busy, it's also been a great place for a little rest and reading.

Wesley and William have claimed this box as their own....well Wesley thinks they are all his, little stinker! William wasn't really up for pictures.

Inside William's box, he was so ready for bed and it was only 6:50pm.

Here is bigger boys box, James and Stephen have claimed it. Jonathan is happy in what ever box is empty. The boys decorated their box, too. Notice they are still in the Christmas spirit, in the first of January. I assure you we don't still have our trees up...I assume they wish we did.

Here you see Wesley now going into the bigger boys box, he really is busy for being so sick.

Jonathan and James enjoying their box haven. Wes has a couple more boxes for the boys and they are going to create a city. I love that the boys are best friends and enjoy playing together so much...not to say that they always get along. It's just nice to see the bond they have with one another.

The three Amigos week......

We have done our fair share of grooming.......sweet Bridgette.

Rebekah doing a little trimming....Lilly Belle.

We have done LOTS of bathing.....scrub a dub dub Abby in the tub!

Amanda brushing out another ABBY!

Here is Miss Abby when I was finished grooming her, clean and ready to go home.
The rest of the week was filled with talking to customers, walking dogs, feeding, playing in doggie daycare, and cleaning. All in all for the three of us the week has gone by fast, again it's hard to believe it's Thursday already.
*store pictures taken with my cell phone

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Our dog Cookie, Christmas 2008
OK, maybe a few words...this Wordless Wednesday is from the store computer. I'm still here and working! You know what that means??? YES, it means the family is still sick! Amanda, Rebekah, and I remain well.....praying we stay that way :) Updates and pictures of our past few days coming soon!
Have a great Wednesday!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Adding to the numbers....

Here is our group of sick and zoned out. Elizabeth and Arthur did lots of reading today.

The average temp of this group was 101-102.

Dad and Wesley had lots of bonding time today. Wesley's temp has been the highest reaching 103.

This is what the well group did.....

We all worked at the store today busy, busy, busy! This washer and dryer does almost as much work as ours at home does.

Madison disinfecting and wiping down the walls in daycare after all the doggies were picked up.

Amanda and Madison taking Mercedes and Bandit for a potty break.

This is the Emmie, Rebekah groomed her from start to finish...I wonder if they really needed me there?!

Amanda giving a little extra love....she'd sleep the night down at Great Doggie Doos if we allowed her to.
We were really busy at the store today and the day went so fast. It's been a long time since I've worked a whole day at the store. In the past year I stayed home with the boys more than being at the store, Arthur and the kids handle it so well. I help out with the paperwork and the boarding, but they never seem to need me to help groom. When I am at the store Arthur and the others are around so, today was a big change for us all...just 4 of us. The team work went well, and I enjoyed seeing them work....with little or no direction from me. I'll be thankful when I'm back at home and EVERYONE is well! I'm sure they'd all rather be working than sick.
Now Madison is sick...101 now we are down to 3!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dropping like flies....

Here at the Munck's our family is dropping like flies with this sickness. It's 9:12 PM and the only thing I can hear is the sound of the dryer...that's quite for our house. This morning we started out with 2 sick and 1 not feeling her best. At present count we have Amanda, Rebekah, Madison, and myself WELL! It was faster to tell you who is well. The family keeps saying that I'll have it soon, I do have a low fever 100...BUT I'm the Mom and I won't admit defeat until I can't get up and function. So, I'm well low fever and headache but still up and functioning. Those with an infirmity are having some or all of these symptoms fever, headache, body ache, runny nose, cough, sore throat. Elizabeth says her ears hurt too. James has been complaining of his back hurting, last year he had Pneumonia and this was his first symptom he showed last year. James was our RSV baby at 4 weeks old, and our child with asthma, so I'll be watching him closely. This is the first bout of sickness since September, that's a long time for us. I sit here and am thankful that this will pass, know one is in the hospital and that I'm still able to take care of the sickly.

We'd appreciate your prayers.

Happy New Year!!!


New Years Eve our family made Gingerbread men/women. Weeks before Christmas I had bought the ingredients to mix up a batch of gingerbread cookies, we just never had time. So, last night seemed like a good time. No big New Years Eve plans for us, some of the family is sick sore throats, coughs...Arthur being the worst having a 102 fever also....ugh...In spite of the sickness we all had a good time decorating the cookies, and eating them afterwards. I can't imagine a better way to spend New Years Eve than with our family, I'm truly counting my blessings.