Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The joys of a creek

There are many joys that come with having a creek in your backyard like...

Camping in your own backyard with a fire pit right next to the creek, so when it's dark you can make smores.

The fun of watching your dog play and drink out of the creek.

The sound of the water flowing over the rocks as it pushes down stream. All of these are great but, there are a few other things that come along with having a creek in you backyard like....


Remember last week when I said I wish it would stop raining and that our ground couldn't handle any more water.....WELL I WAS RIGHT!
This was our house/yard on Saturday afternoon. We have lived here for 17 years so this isn't the first flood we have been through and certainly not the worst. Thankfully in all our years here we have never gotten water in our house, but it's been in our pool a time or two. On this day we weren't home when the flooding started we where at the Mennonite farm purchasing our bunnies. Our sweet neighbor Lonnie called us and then came over and started to move our mowers and etc to higher ground. Arthur drove us home in record time. By early evening the water started to go down and all that was left was a mess!

The clean up isn't fun and Arthur started on it right away. Clean up calls for lots of bleach, pressure washing, and throwing away water damaged items.
Thankfully we have had beautiful blue skies for the past 2 days, the ground is drying, and the boys can by tomorrow play in the yard without the fear of a squish under their feet :)

Monday, September 28, 2009


We added 2 more to the Munck House!
On Saturday we purchased 2 more bunnies,
they are tiny and precious.
You can view the 2 older bunnies on Amanda's blog.

We are a people family of 12,

with 1 dog,

4 bunnies,

and a 75 gallon fish tank.

Wonder what is next???

And God said, "Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds; livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to it's kind." And it was so. Genesis 1:24

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wesley's loves....

Wesley at the first of the year came across a baby doll of Rebekah's. Wesley decided that this doll could be his new buddy, and took up with the doll father fast. Wesley treated her as a friend.

Wesley liked to have Janie sit in his high chair with him and feed her.

When we left for our Canada trip Janie was waiting at the door to get loaded into the RV, and Arthur turned around and said "Janie is staying home"! Wesley had his bunny so he didn't really need Janie. We never worried about Wesley playing with Janie because he mainly wanted to feed her and carry her around by her hair :)

Wesley also likes to sleep with Janie (thankfully Amanda found some boy clothes for Janie to wear and we tried to change her name but Wesley really likes Janie). This picture was taken of Wesley back in May, most nights this is how we would find Wesley sleeping. You can see Janie over against the wall. So what does all this mean????

It means that now Wesley has a "live" baby!

This was the second time Wesley came to see Ruth Ella in the hospital. Elizabeth brought Wesley, William, and Stephen on the second day to see Ruth Ella a little better. Wesley was very taken with Ruth Ella.

Wesley and William wanted to take off Ruth Ella's socks to see her feet. They were all about this moving baby.

Wesley grabbed her foot right away and began to laugh, this was much better than Janie!

Next Wesley proceeded to put his hands on her cheeks and say "getcha getcha getcha BABY"!
Wesley was in love!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rainy Monday

It rained every day last week....
It's Monday a start to a new week,
and it's raining still!!!!
It's rained so much now that the
ground can't hold all the water.
So much for waking up to start
a fresh new week and being motivated.
I can tell you what all the darkness
and rain makes me want to do.....

It makes me want to sit and watch
Miss Ruth Ella sleep.
But when she's not sleeping it makes
me want to just sit and hold her.
After thinking about it
this is a GREAT way to start a new week!

How did your week get started???

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another ER trip for Wesley

Wesley strikes again!!!!

4 weeks ago yesterday we took Wesley to the ER yet again. This time it was just like the first ER visit, it was for his chin. Wesley was running down the hall after breakfast with socks on, socks and hardwood floors aren't a good combination. Wesley slipped hit his freshly healed chin and opened it right off to the ER Arthur and I go! This trip making our 4th trip to the ER with Wesley in less than 4 months. Thinking back on the LAST POST I wrote about Wesley and the ER, really they should give discounts! This time they also remembered us and to prove that we are now frequent clients they didn't even ask for our insurance information :) They just signed us in and we signed out when it was time to leave. Wesley is such a little trooper and this trip he walked away with more stitches than before. They had to put in 8 stitches, and we are praying this doesn't happen again. One thing for sure if he wasn't going to have a scar before he will now.

My mom found this pajamas and bought them for Wesley, they say "Chicks dig scars".

Here is a view of his chin a few days after his second set of stitches, you can also see the scar on his right cheek from the ER lamp trip.

The pajamas are very fitting for Wesley since he is a big monkey. Hoping our little monkey has seen the last of the ER for a very long time!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Kitchen....AFTER the remodel

Finally our finished kitchen!

We love all the new found space we have now,
because of removing the wall that seperated
the kitchen and the dining room.
We also have our China cabinet built in
where the computer area use to be.
We are enjoying the can lights in the ceiling.
Now we can cook and eat all in one large open space.

We purchased all new appliances, which was fun
and something I've never done before.

We now have lots of counter space for mealtime prep.
In our old kitchen we had 5 drawers,
we now have 13 it's almost like we moved into a new home.
Outside looking in...

We like the cabinets that go to
the ceiling, with lots of extra shelves.

This kitchen remodel was lots of work
but at the same time was lots of fun.
It took Arthur and his team of
older children to tear out all of the old kitchen.
Then it took many weeks of hard work for
the kitchen that you see to be finished.
This was a large part of were our summer went,
into working on the kitchen.
Arthur somedays worked from sun up until late
in the night, doing electrical and plumbing.
Doing all the work ourselves saved us loads
of money. This kitchen remodel is something we
had wanted to do for years and had been saving for.
We purchased building supplies as we went, and
used our savings on our appliances and cabinets.
The final result being that our new kitchen
was paid in full, without any use of credit or loans.

Kitchen ...BEFORE

Warning this is a crazy post. Some how my picture was erased after I wrote about it, so I just went in and added it back to the post... now it's at the top. The writting to go with it is further down the post. Call this a post from a mom that's trying to play blog catch up and doesn't have time to fix it what we like to call the "right"way :) Just happy to have a few free minutes to play blog catch up...Enjoy!

Remember back 4 months ago when we started our kitchen remodel? Well it's finally finished!!! OK to be totally honest 90% of it was finished when the Pauls came to visit in July. We still had trim work to do, a main wall to mud and paint (the wall the tub needed to go though), and we were waiting on our stove which came in while the Pauls were visiting.

Here are a few pictures of the process. If, you go back to THIS POST you can see what our kitchen and dining room looked like before.

The old cabinets, floor, and yucky paneling/wallpaper...not missing the old kitchen!

Oops! out of order..this was the kitchen before the cabinets were pulled out.

The computer area in our old kitchen and the opening to the girls bedroom off the kitchen. The plastic was there to keep out the dust from the ceiling, where Arthur was cutting holes for the can lights.

Elizabeth and Rebekah putting some back work into getting the old floor pulled up.

Picture now at top of post..Wheee...see Wesley running on the side. Here you can see we have the walls painted green, the back wall is the wall that we just finished in August. That wall had to be pulled back down to put the new shower in place. Down the hall you can see the new flooring waiting to be laid. We still had the old wood floor to pull up in the dining room area that you see. The white table and stools are where we ate for a few months. We also had the joy of eating outside on our patio tables by the pool...we were thankful we did the remodel in the summer. If, you ask my kids they would tell you the kitchen remodel wasn't bad but they sure did get tired of sandwiches :)

Elizabeth was taking a little break from helping lay the new floor, with 5 of us working on the floor we had it laid in less than a day.

This was the day our new cabinets arrived!!!! We all were so excited, it seems this was the day that the kitchen truly began to take shape.

This post/update is long over due. The summer was busy and full keeping me from posting lots of our happenings. Pictures of the new kitchen are coming in the next post and are already uploaded...check back this afternoon for the finished kitchen!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ruth Ella...1 Week

It's hard to believe a week has already passed
since Miss Ruth Ella was born.
She is a very sweet baby and loves her sleep.
It's also hard to believe we have so much
in our house again, since it's been 14 years
between Rebekah and Ruth Ella.
I truly thought all I'd be seeing was
forever, not thinking we would
be blessed with another little girl.

On February 6th I wrote the post
today I sit and think about all that I wrote.
Every word from the heart telling of
why we have the number of children we do.
I read it today and cried because
each word written can't truly
express to you the love and joy we have been
given through the blessing of our children!
Today I'm rejoicing and praising the Creator of life!
Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!
Philippians 4:4

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...with a few words

Ruth Ella's Birth....

Last Wednesday I had contractions all day
and was dilated to 6 cm.
We went to the hospital at 4:00pm
and I was admitted. After loads of
paper works and questions, the midwife
came in at 6:45 and broke my water.
Linda our midwife sat and chatted with
Arthur and I for a hour and at
7:55 checked to see my progress.
By this time I was 8cm, and off Linda
went to change her clothes to be ready for
the delivery. Within 15 minutes I told the
nurse to get Linda it was time.
Linda came fast and now I was fully dilated,
within a matter of minutes at 8:21 pm
Miss Ruth Ella was born
on 09/09/09 !

At 8:50 PM Elizabeth drove all the kids
to the hospital to meet their baby sister
Ruth Ella Katerine.
The little boys were ready for bed
and came in their pajamas.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Memories Monday

March 2007

This was Wesley 5 days after he was born.
We had to make a return trip back to the
hospital, because Wesley's
jaundice had gotten so bad. He stayed
in the hospital for 2 days
in this bed, only to get a break
when it was time to eat.
He was such a good boy, and in a matter
of 2 weeks his counts were almost
down to normal.

Today Ruth Ella is 5 days old.
We went to the doctor today for a
weight check, and to check her
for any signs of jaundice.
Thankfully Miss Ruth Ella
checked out very well, and now she
is in her tiny white crib resting
at home!
Today I'm thanking GOD for His abundant blessings!!!