Monday, December 27, 2010

Our home at Christmas.....

On Friday morning Christmas Eve, our family read the last chapter in Luke. We started reading Luke on December 1 during our family devotions. The book of Luke contains 24 chapters, reading 1 chapter a day took us to Christmas Eve.

It was a wonderful way to see Jesus from birth and of His life as He walked the earth, then to His crucifixion, and His triumph over death with the resurrection. Oh what an unbelievable gift God gave us in His son Jesus.

The month of December seemed to have gone so fast, I had many things I wanted to blog and share, yet time never permitted. I often find myself having to weigh out blog time or things with family/children, it seems most often family and children weigh in heavier than blog time. I thought I would still share a few pictures of our home at Christmas. Maybe next year I'll get pictures of all the trees and many Nativities that we have. We so love Christmas with all the love, joy, and fellowship that comes along with it....and it all started with a small babe born in a manger.

Our family room tree, with our family and extended family presents all around.

This Nativity is very special to us, it came from our mission trip from Nicaragua.

Our little snow village, it looks like a little world all of it's own. We leave it up until February, I find it peaceful to look at the village in the evening. When the lights in the house are low and you just see the small glow of the makes for a pleasant time to gather my thoughts from the day.

Then, there are cookies, hot cocoa , hot tea, and fellowship that is priceless!

We hope each of you had a Christmas that was filled with love and wonderful memories. May we all continue to keep the mind set of Christmas throughout the year.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus

Last Wednesday night we had a Happy Birthday Jesus with some family.

Our kitchen tree was decorated to celebrate Jesus birthday, the real reason for CHRISTmas!

And what birthday is complete without a cake? So, we had cake after we sang to Jesus.

Before cake we ate Elizabeth's baked spaghetti, along with salad, and cheese bread...yum!

There was hot chocolate, hot tea, and warm cider.

Lots of smiling faces, and fun conversations.

Rebekah read scripture and a children's Christmas story.

Then came crafts .......

The building of the Happy Birthday Jesus puzzle....

Little hands coloring....

Much thought about his picture....

One finished picture, by William.

Next Amanda set up the table for painting ornaments...

So many colors, ways to design them.....

My Nonnie painting her ornament, at 90 still acts like a kid....hope I do the same

This wasn't just an evening filled with food, crafts, and fun......

It was a celebration of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the greatest gift of ALL!!!!

For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Giveaway Winners....

Wow, Where did the week go??? Hard to believe it was time to go back to and get this weeks winners. So, here they are this weeks winners........

Personalized Ornament winner is.... KELLI Z

Cross-stitch Towel & Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Mix winner is.... DEB

Apron & Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix winner is RUBY'S MOM.....Cheryl

BRACELET winner is.... JILL


BLUE BALL winner is..... MARSHA

Pink Ball winner is..... AMY

Our family hopes that you all enjoyed the Christmas giveaways,we had a wonderful time hosting them. My prayer this Christmas is that each of you have a Christmas filled with joy and blessings. For we have been given the greatest gift that life has to offer Christ!!!!

WINNERS please leave me your address in the comments, I monitor all the comments and your address will not be published. All items are boxed and ready for shipping, I just need to add your address and they will be on their way to you :-)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giveaway UPDATE and another chance to enter!!!!

HURRY....It's still not to late to enter for the giveaway!!!!! Look everything is all boxed up and just waiting for the winner to be drawn on Saturday afternoon....well you see 1 empty box, that's the one that we hold the personalized ornament after it's finished. We are eager to get these giveaways addressed and shipped out to you, so have you entered yet? If, not now is the time to do so, right HERE!!! Right now we only have 25 people signed up for the 6 giveaways, that's almost half of what we had last week. You know the rules, and how you can have 2 chances to enter the giveaway. Well we would like to offer you another chance to get your name in on the giveaway of your choice.

This one is pretty simple, just leave us a comment on this post telling us of your favorite Christmas tradition and why you love it. Then let us know what giveaway you want your name entered for. On Saturday after we announce the winners of the giveaway, our family will share with you what each of our favorite Christmas traditions are. So, there you have it blog friends another chance to enter our last Christmas giveaway.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

18 weeks today!

This morning Arthur and I had the privilege to see our newest blessing, via ultrasound what a miracle life is! I truly don't believe I have ever had an ultrasound that I didn't walk away in awe and wonder. I stand amazed at how God the creator of all things crafted the human life and that I have been blessed to carry His creation in my womb...for I'm not worthy of such a tremendous blessing. Today we looked at our precious baby on the screen as all the measurements were taken, and the over all health was checked out. We saw a tiny silhouette of a face, a heart strongly beating, legs kicking, the spine that was well formed, arms waving, and 2 tiny hands with fingers moving around. This was such wonderful news, then came the BIG question "are you sure you don't want to know the gender of the baby"? We again said "NO"! Even though our children were so hoping we would change our minds after we saw baby on the ultrasound. As, we have explained to them before, years ago an ultrasound to us was all about seeing what gender the baby was. But things changed when I was pregnant with Jonathan and the ultrasound told us of all his medical problems. Now we go in for an ultrasound to see the health of the baby, and wait until delivery to see if the Lord wanted to place a GIRL or BOY in our family....either way we will be thrilled!!!

The baby measured exactly 18 weeks today, so that puts me right on time for May 18...not going to hold my breath that I will hit the actual day, the 18th! We long ago figured out baby will arrive in God's timing, which is the perfect time. Even though our children didn't get to find out today if they will be having another brother or sister, we all had the joy of knowing that baby is healthy nothing better than that! We will all get a BIG surprise in May when baby arrives, a precious gift from our Lord.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you...
Jeremiah 1:5

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Giveaway!

This is the LAST Christmas giveaway for 2010! So, have a good look at all we have to offer this week, then take your pick at what you would like to be entered for!

ATTENTION: We had posted that this giveaway would run until Sunday, December 19th but have had to change things a little. This giveaway will run from today until Saturday, December 18th. We felt this would give us a chance to post the winners on Saturday and get the winners address ASAP.....we would like to have these out the winners on Monday morning December 20, hopefully making to your home by Christmas!

Tea Balls....we have 2!!!
by: Amanda

Pink Tea Ball
These are made of glass beads, the pink and black has a heart charm at the end. Can't you just see this hanging out of your favorite tea cup? I can smell the aroma of tea now :-)

Blue Tea Ball
There is also this bold blue with ball gem charm at the end, the white and blue bead pattern reminds me of some antique china that Arthur's sister Karen has....I have always admired it! I don't own one of these tea ball, but sure hope Amanda will make me one...hint hint Miss Amanda

Apron and Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
Apron by: Rebekah
Cookie mix by: Elizabeth

The apron is a half apron, with a pocket on the right side. We have become apron lovers over the past 2 years, like tote bags you can't have to many.

This is a larger view of the apron print, yes tea pots, the Muncks are warm tea drinkers :-)

Glass Bead Bracelet
This bracelet has square and round beads, the beads have a small flower print on them. We are so glad Amanda is making jewelry, she keeps us in the cutest jewelry. We love to see the designs and patterns she comes up with, it's so fun!

Cross-Stitch Dish Towel and Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Mix
Towel by:Me, Laura
Cookie Mix by: Elizabeth

The cookies are very easy to make and require little ingredients from you. This is a great cookie mix to allow your children to bake for dessert one night! Dish towel, not sure you can say much about that :-? But it would look nice in your kitchen, I'm sure!

Personalized Ornament
By: Elizabeth

This is the ornament Elizabeth made last week for our winner Sharon. What name or word would you like on your ornament?


We also have a red ribbon with silver trim not pictured and one with polka dots red and green. Elizabeth has several paint colors to choose from green, red, gold, silver, and black. So, what color scheme would work best on your tree?

We want to again keep it simple this year, really there aren't any rules! You can enter to win a giveaway up to 2 times, you will find the details below. The winner will be picked by

1 entry...
Just leave us a comment, letting us know what giveaway you would like.

For a second entry...
Post our giveaway on your blog, please leave us a separate comment to tell us you did so. This giveaway will be listed at the top of our sidebar as long as it is running.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

And the giveaway winners are.....

Silver leaf bookmark goes to MISS LYNDA

Green leaf bookmark goes to MAYO LADIES

Small tote bag goes to AMY

Large tote bag goes to LAURA

Heart earrings go to NEVA

Ladies PLEASE leave your address in the comments, we monitor our comments and your address will NOT be posted. This will help us to ship these items out to you ASAP, thank you so much!

Come and visit again tomorrow afternoon and see what items are in our last Christmas giving!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Saturday of fun

Saturday, today I sit in my home and see the glow of our family room tree, breath in the smell of peppermint tea while sipping it from my favorite cup, and hear the sounds of Mark Lowery singing softly in the background. You see I'm home alone, I have a fever and flu like symptoms. The house is so very quite, and it feels odd to not have anyone here not sure I remember the last time I was home alone. My family went to our sweet friends Wes and Amy's for dinner, fellowship, game time and Christmas fun. I'm so glad they decided to go on this evening, I hope they are having a wonderful time, I know they are:-) I have rested had a nap and was thinking about what we were doing as a family last Saturday and thought I would share with you.

Our family went to a musical December 4th last Saturday afternoon, The Singing Christmas Tree.

It was very cool and windy last Saturday, we were thankful we didn't have to walk to far from the van.

The Chattanooga Boys Choir puts on the singing Christmas tree ever year for the past 48 years, and this is their 56th year as a choir. This year the performance was 2 part, the Christmas singing and after intermission it was followed by the play/singing of The Polar Express. It was all preformed so well, even our littles were enthralled.

Often as a family we try to choose an event or trip in advance that we would like to attend/do. We then pray about the event/trip, when we feel the Lord giving us the go ahead then comes saving for the occasion. Our children chose this event back in October and we started saving then in our jar. This is a great way for our children to see the value of money and another way to work as a team with the end result being a family day out! It gives each child a sense of accomplish and pride knowing they helped make the event possible. I'll have to do a story on our family money jar another day, and the places our children have saved to go.

Here you have it the singing Christmas tree, as they sang each new song the lights on the tree would change color as would the back ground color behind the tree.

The boys are made up of 3 boys choirs, those on the tree are the younger boys and those standing over to the left int tuxedos are the older boys. Their voices sounded like angels, and they sang each song with such passion.

It was so nice to see in our day and age that they had a live (people) nativity, we were shocked that most all of the songs they sang were of Jesus and His birth. One song that our family loves is the song~ Ave Maria~ (we enjoy hearing David Phelps sing it) they also sang a traditional Israeli song called ~Hine Ma Tov~ each song was so heartwarming to hear, along with the familiar Christmas songs we have all grown to enjoy.

Sorry this picture is blurry it was dark and we couldn't use a flash, but I wanted to share the view of the angel over the stable. This was just a lovely program and a great way to welcome in December and Christmas, as we long to keep our focus on Christ.

The Singing Christmas Tree was preformed at the historic Tivoli Theater in downtown Chattanooga, it's a beautiful building and was decorated beautifully for Christmas.

Miss Ruth Ella along with her siblings had an amazing time at the theater, and on our way home we stopped off at Cracker Barrel ...yum, for an early dinner! This was a Saturday to remember.

My family just walked in, so I'll close this post so I can hear their stories of their evening with Wes and their voices, laughing, and giddy sounds coming into the house it's safe to say they had a fantastic time. Good evening to all :-)